Nuclear Proliferation

New Warfare Domains and the Deterrence Theory Crisis

Rizwana Abbasi • May 13 2020 • Articles
The emergence of hybrid threats and hybrid war has altered the nature of the battlefield thereby transforming the relevance of nuclear deterrence.

What Does the Death of the INF Say About the US’ Friendships?

Rupert Culyer • Nov 18 2019 • Articles
The US had ample opportunity to consult on its policy and strategy and have instead chosen a course of action which threatens the stability of historic alliances.

Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament

Rizwana Abbasi • Aug 2 2019 • Articles
CEND could play a leading role to the comprehension of states’ rivalries and threat perceptions that compel them to achieve technological efficiency and sufficiency.

Review – The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Luke Cooper • Jul 4 2019 • Features
Mandelbaum's book is an analytically flawed, contradictory and unconventional piece of realist scholarship that considers the instability of the post-Cold War period.

Interview – Andrew Hom

E-International Relations • May 12 2019 • Features
Andrew Hom tells us about the temporal turn in IR, different understandings of time, how time is political, and some of the best advice he has received during his career.

Becoming a ‘Responsible Power’?: China’s New Role During the JCPOA Negotiations

Daniel Johanson • Apr 4 2019 • Articles
When U.N. requirements were not met by Iran, China allowed stricter sanctions to be passed. Each time, China's goal was to have Iran come back to the negotiating table.

Nuclear Proliferation and Humanitarian Security Regimes in the US & Norway

Erin K. Norris • Feb 7 2019 • Essays
Humanitarian Security Regimes in both Norway and the US have impacted nuclear proliferation on the world stage.

Interview – Austin Carson

E-International Relations • Jan 3 2019 • Features
Austin Carson talks about his new book Secret Wars, the case of the US' War on Terror, war as a 'performance', monitoring state activities and unpredictable leaders.

Interview – Virginie Grzelczyk

E-International Relations • Nov 15 2018 • Features
Virginie Grzelczyk discusses North Korea's status as a nuclear power, the ways in which they are "mainstreaming", and their relationship with South Korea and the US.

Saving Grace or Achilles Heel? The Odd Relationship Between Nuclear Weapons and Neo-Realism

Adam P. MacDonald • Oct 25 2018 • Articles
Its time for Neo-Realists to quit using nuclear weapons as anomaly fixers, even if this necessities a fundamental reworking of their basic principles.

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