The Case of UN Involvement in Jammu and Kashmir

Stephen P. Westcott • May 29 2020 • Articles
The Security Council limited the Kashmiri people to accession into either India or Pakistan, in fact privileging another norm: the existing sovereign state’s rights.

Opinion – Is the Coronavirus War Narrative Helping Pakistan?

Saeed Ahmed Rid • Apr 28 2020 • Articles
Rather than using the war-narrative, there is evidence that people may accept difficult steps if they are coupled with a more humane and sympathetic narrative.

Opinion – The Contours of the Saudi Arabia-Pakistan Relationship

Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal • Feb 20 2020 • Articles
With India causing discomfort to Islamabad, the long-standing Islamic alliance will continue on the basis of strategic, political and economic convergences that are crucial for both countries.

Interview – Mike Martin

E-International Relations • Mar 21 2019 • Features
Mike Martin discusses his career in the British Army and risk management, recent negotiations between the US and the Taliban, and the importance of ideology in conflict.

A Looming Peace for Afghanistan’s Long Hard War?

Robert Cassidy • Feb 26 2019 • Articles
The war in Afghanistan will not be a win, but a qualified conclusion. One scenario for ending it seems to be settling for a draw and a peace with some hope of enduring.

India and Pakistan: Formalizing the 2003 Ceasefire Agreement

Saeed Ahmed Rid • Feb 8 2018 • Articles
If the 2003 ceasefire between India and Pakistan is formalised with clear rules and regulations it should reduce the chances of future ceasefire violations.

Addressing Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Challenges in South Asia

Rizwana Abbasi • Jan 6 2018 • Articles
This article highlights six challenges to the nuclear regime followed by a three-step approach to finding common ground to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan.

Strategy Not Sacrilege: State Terrorism as an Element of Foreign Policy

Paul Butchard • Sep 18 2017 • Essays
Relying on case studies of Pakistan and the U.S., this essay argues that the state's use of terrorism be more fully integrated into the study of foreign policy.

Pakistan’s Role in Western and Middle East Security

Kamal Alam • Aug 28 2017 • Articles
Pakistan's Army is playing an important role in securing stability in the West and Middle East and is leading the fight against terror in an increasingly volatile world.

Deciphering the Numbers: Employment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Jabin T. Jacob • Aug 22 2017 • Articles
The conditions that affect the progress of the CPEC – including number and quality of jobs generated – should be matters of concern to policymakers in the neighbourhood.

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