Opinion – Historical Amnesia, Digital Authoritarianism and the Presidency of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Martin Duffy • Sep 5 2022 • Articles

The second Marcos administration looks likely to further undermine democratic values and institutions in the Philippines.

Interview – Georgi Engelbrecht

E-International Relations • Dec 15 2021 • Features

Georgi Engelbrecht talks about his role as a Senior Analyst for International Crisis Group, the Bansamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, next year’s elections in the Philippines and conflict in Southeast Asia.

Reimagining Susan Strange’s States and Markets: Small and Medium Enterprises in Fragile Situations

Maribel Daño-Luna and Earl John Orio • Oct 24 2021 • Articles

Local businesses in fragile and conflict-affected situations, such as in Mindanao, can link to the global economy and bridge the isolation narrative.

Interview – Frances Cruz

E-International Relations • Jun 17 2021 • Features

Frances Cruz talks about decolonial approaches to IR, as well as the limits of Western-centric framings of the Philippines and Southeast Asia more broadly.

Interview – Sharmila Parmanand

E-International Relations • May 20 2021 • Features

Sharmila Pamanand discusses the gendered dynamics of human trafficking, efforts to stop trafficking, and the transnational role of the female migrant.

Interview – Ava Patricia Avila

E-International Relations • Apr 11 2021 • Features

Ava Patricia Avila sets out the reasons for the steady military buildup by several Southeast Asian states, the impact on ASEAN, as well as the ways a gender perspective can enrich research on civil-military relations.

Human Rights and Climate Change in the Philippines

Ratchada Arpornsilp • Apr 18 2019 • Articles

In the state-centric human rights infrastructure, the government’s compliance with its human rights duties and standards to regulate corporations should be the central focus.

Brexit and Arms Sales to the Philippines: A Reactive Approach to Human Rights

Tegg Westbrook • May 12 2018 • Articles

While difficult to prove that UK weapons are directly used to human suffering in the Philippines, there is a possibility that they were directly or indirectly used.

Back to the Future? Martial Law and the Peace Processes in the Philippines

Rikard Jalkebro • Sep 4 2017 • Articles

Military rule and restrictive measures towards civilians will spark more discontent and violence in Mindanao, meaning that peace is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Review – Asia’s New Battlefield

Laura Southgate • Mar 26 2016 • Features

A comprehensive analysis of the current battle for primacy in the Western Pacific which would be of benefit to students, academics, policy-makers and the general public.

Negotiated Settlements of Civil Wars vs. Victories

Anil Sigdel • Aug 19 2014 • Articles

The quantitative approach somewhat should take different world orders into account to better explain contemporary phenomena and prepare a data set accordingly.

Geopolitical Insecurities and Territorial Grievances in East Asia

John Hickman • Dec 31 2012 • Articles

The roots of the South China Sea disputes originate in the results of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Coming to terms with China as it exerts its power will be pricey, yet necessary.

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