Opinion – A State of Emergency at the Polish-Belarusian Border

Monika Kabata • Oct 12 2021 • Articles

Neither the EU nor Poland has a long-term plan for how to manage migration which can only be expected to increase due to political destabilisation and climate crisis.

Opinion – The Rise of Islamophobia in Poland

Tuhin Chakraborty • Feb 20 2021 • Articles

Regardless of the government’s rhetoric and its role in mainstreaming xenophobia, Poland needs immigrants.

Opinion – How Polish Women Fight Their Right-Wing Government

Monika Kabata and Kateřina Krulišová • Jan 26 2021 • Articles

The situation in Poland is a symptom of the global backlash against women’s rights. At the same time, it shows the power of peaceful protest and the importance of feminist solidarity.

Review – The Another Europe Podcast

Alexandra Bulat • Nov 29 2019 • Features

This ongoing podcast from the Another Europe Is Possible campaign organisation debates controversial topics such as Brexit and freedom of movement in an inclusive style.

Interview – Christian Davies

E-International Relations • Jul 30 2019 • Features

Journalist Christian Davies talks to us about the current situation in Poland, Poland and Hungary’s relations with the EU, and some of the challenges facing journalists.

The Great War and the Polish Question in Imperial Russia, 1914–1917

Ivan Basenko • Mar 18 2019 • Articles

This study uncovers the evolution of the Kiev press’s attitude towards the Poles within the context of the German‑Russian clash in the First World War.

Herbert C. Hoover and Poland, 1929–1933: Between Myth and Reality

Halina Parafianowicz • Mar 17 2019 • Articles

The US approach towards Poland and Polish matters during Hoover’s presidency in the context of East Central European policy was extremely important, yet hardly archived.

Great Power Meddling in Central Europe: 1914–45

Aliaksandr Piahanau • Mar 12 2019 • Articles

During the Great War, the interwar period, and World War 2 the area situated between Germany and Russia became the target of covert or direct expansion.

Interview – Wojciech Lorenz

E-International Relations • Jan 29 2018 • Features

Wojciech Lorenz discusses the effect of the election of Donald Trump and events in Turkey on NATO, potential NATO enlargement and Poland’s current security situation.

Economic Migration of Ukrainians to the EU: A View from Poland

Joanna Fomina • Apr 25 2017 • Articles

Migration of Ukrainians to Poland has been motivated by financial reasons. However, the conflict has seen a great mobilisation of Ukrainian civil society in the country.

Brexit’s Potentital Implications for Poland’s Position in the EU

Karol Chwedczuk-Szulc • Aug 9 2016 • Articles

For years, integration with Western institutions constituted Poland’s main foreign policy concern. Since Poland joined the EU foreign policy has followed an ad hoc path.

Polish Public Diplomacy

Beata Ociepka • Oct 8 2012 • Articles

Polish public diplomacy has adopted means of strategic communication and demonstrates a strong belief in the importance of perceptions, images and brands in international politics.

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