Review – Decolonizing Politics: An Introduction

Ayça Çubukçu • Jan 7 2022 • Features

This book offers an audacious and detailed tour de force of the colonial and racial underpinnings of political science.

Is it Possible to Escape the Past? Race and the Radicalization of Robert Byrd and Anders Breivik

Christopher Keith Johnson • Jan 26 2021 • Articles

In the case of Byrd and Breivik it is an internal rather than an external exercise of whether someone radicalised can compromise their own values.

Racism, Crimea and Crimean Tatars

Taras Kuzio • Dec 6 2020 • Articles

Most western historians of Russia see Crimea as always having been Russian and therefore have not fully criticised Russia’s 2014 annexation.

New Book – Crisis in Russian Studies? Nationalism (Imperialism), Racism and War

Taras Kuzio • Nov 25 2020 • Articles

The source of the Russian-Ukrainian war lies in Russian identity and its attitudes towards Ukraine and Ukrainians, making the chances for peace slim.

Interview – Luke de Noronha

E-International Relations • Nov 18 2020 • Features

Luke de Noronha discusses his new book, UK immigration control and race, his fieldwork on post-deportation life in Jamaica and his podcast ‘Deportation Discs’.

Interview – Amal Abu-Bakare

E-International Relations • Oct 5 2020 • Features

Amal Abu-Bakare discusses Black History Month, equality and racism in IR and her PhD research on counterterrorism as a racialised discourse.

Interview – Lev Topor

E-International Relations • Sep 28 2020 • Features

Lev Topor talks about his work on cyberspace and racism, cybersecurity and the pandemic, and the key instigators of cyber interventions.

Review – Race and the Undeserving Poor: From Abolition to Brexit

Nivi Manchanda • Jul 31 2020 • Features

Shilliam tells the story of colonial and postcolonial Britain and the book’s power lies in its ability to not only narrate a history but also to portend its future.

Opinion – Racial Injustice and the Erosion of America’s Global Standing

Abdou Rahim Lema • Jun 28 2020 • Articles

Russia, Iran and China are among the last places to look to for human rights leadership, yet their open critiques of racial injustice force the US to look in the mirror.

Towards an ‘American Spring’ of Justice and Equality?

Houssem Ben Lazreg and Amira Hassnaoui • Jun 3 2020 • Articles

The George Floyd protests and earlier movements in the MENA region prove that values such as dignity, equality, and justice are not exclusively achievements of Western civilization.

Review – Reading the Postwar Future: Textual Turning Points from 1944

Richard Toye • Apr 22 2020 • Features

This edited volume is a project of intellectual history, exploring how key texts from 1944 reflected on and helped shape a different world order.

Reproducing the European Gaze Through Reflexivity: The Limits of Calling Out Failures

Ewa Maczynska • Apr 19 2020 • Articles

There is a need to problematise the notion of ‘failure’ through its reliance on and reproduction of reflexivity as a positioned practice advocated by scholars.

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