Regime Theory

Climate Change, Adaptation and International Relations Theory

Mizan R. Khan • Apr 29 2016 • Articles

In IR a state can typically take three approaches: cooperation, unilateralism or inactivity. Within the realm of climate diplomacy, we witness states playing all these roles.

Regime Theory and the Study of Outer Space Politics

Jill Stuart • Sep 10 2013 • Articles

The politics of outer space are not as ‘out there’ as some may think. As neutral territory where multiple actors have interests, the notion of regimes provides enduring explanatory purchase.

The Enduring Relevance of International Regimes

Peter M. Haas • Jan 22 2013 • Articles

Theorizing about international regimes from multiple angles has provided enduring and fruitful insights into world politics and the origins and effects of international cooperation.

Two Regimes of Time

Andrew R. Hom • Dec 24 2012 • Articles

Western standard time seems to have something for most regime theories. Combining contemporary regime theory with historical inquiry can explicate how WST tames the problem of time through effective ‘timing’.

International Regimes and the Just War Tradition

Eric A. Heinze • Dec 23 2012 • Articles

Conceiving of the just war tradition as a security regime may offer insights that scholars could find interesting, particularly from Grotian, social constructivist, and critical theory perspectives.

International Regimes as Concept

M. J. Peterson • Dec 21 2012 • Articles

Though “regime theory” is a misleading term, in a world where there is no centralized political authority, the concept of an international regime remains useful enough to be kept in the analytical toolkit.

Regime Theory and Global Counter-Terrorism: Some Starting Points

Dimitrios Anagnostakis • Oct 19 2012 • Articles

Since 9/11, counter-terrorism has emerged as a broad issue-area in which, according to regime theory, the “principles, norms, rules, and decision-making procedures”of international regimes may emerge.

Long Cycles and International Regimes

George Modelski • Oct 15 2012 • Articles

Long cycle theory and international regime theory are mutually compatible and mutually supportive. In 100 years we may have passed far enough to achieve a global order anchored in a community of democracies.

Cave! Alius Draco: There Was a Sixth Dragon!

Ronen Palan • Sep 21 2012 • Articles

Invoking Susan Strange, who warns of 5 dragons in regime theory, Ronen Palan criticizes the paradigm for falling to a 6th: “the triumph of form over substance.” Thus, regime theory cannot address today’s challenges.

Regime Theory Thirty Years On: Taking Stock, Moving Forward

Oran R. Young • Sep 18 2012 • Articles

Oran R. Young asks if regime theory still matters in IR, while reflecting on the 30th anniversary of the ‘International Organization’ special issue on regimes published in 1982.

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