Interview – Jenna Marshall

E-International Relations • May 28 2020 • Features
Jenna Marshall discusses her research on the politics of pedagogy in the Caribbean and how Pan-African social social movements help us rethink international development.

Interview – Dean Cooper-Cunningham

E-International Relations • Apr 25 2020 • Features
Dean Cooper-Cunningham discusses the benefits of using visual methods in IR, responses to Russian political queerphobia and the visuality of resistance and (in)security.

Interview – Anne-Kathrin Kreft

E-International Relations • Nov 29 2019 • Features
Anne-Kathrin Kreft talks about the discourse and perceptions around conflict-related sexual violence and reflects on the affects of sensitive fieldwork on researchers.

Visualising the Drone: War Art as Embodied Resistance

Federica Caso • May 16 2018 • Articles
War art belongs to an aesthetics that is derived from practical and real-world encounters, and which sets to apprehend the world via sense-based and affective processes.

The Study of Peace and Conflict: in Need of (Intellectual) Insurgency?

John Gledhill • Apr 26 2018 • Articles
Why do we associate resistance with violence, despite the fact that nonviolent revolt is common and far more effective than violent insurgency?

Whither Iran? A 21-year-old Reform Movement on the Brink of Success

Patricia J. Sohn • Jan 26 2018 • Articles
It is about time to support the democratic movement in Iran in any way that we feasibly can. In this effort, context and local knowledge matter greatly.

Performance and Politics Fifty Years After ‘Society of the Spectacle’

Cami Rowe • Feb 27 2017 • Articles
Resistant political performance must be reconsidered given populist post-truth politics. The relevance of shared truths and authenticity of others is now questioned.

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