Opinion – The West’s Mental Lockdown over Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Maarten Wensink • Aug 17 2022 • Articles

Can the West really not hang together discussing a more complex narrative in which Russia’s concerns do not constitute just cause for atrocities, but may nevertheless have some basis?

Interview – Dawid Walentek

E-International Relations • Aug 8 2022 • Features

Dawid Walentek discusses his research into sanctions and counter-sanctions as well as cooperation on coercion.

The Conditionality of American Support for Sanctions on Russia

Timothy S Rich, Ian Milden and Annie Whaley • Aug 7 2022 • Articles

Americans are less willing to tolerate policies targeting foreign actors that increase their cost of living over a sustained period.

Great Power Management of the Ukraine Conflict

Martin A. Smith • Jul 13 2022 • Articles

EU candidate status, and the institutional engagement that it entails, has the potential to alter power relations in eastern Europe and between Russia and the West.

Opinion – NATO’s Real Message to the Kremlin

Maarten Wensink • Jul 5 2022 • Articles

Unfortunately, Western leaders seem more concerned with kudos from Kyiv than with their opponent’s perspective.

Opinion – Russia’s Choices in Ukraine

David R. Marples • Jul 4 2022 • Articles

After the conquest of the Donbas it would make sense to seek an armistice, but Russia seems blinded by its own propaganda and buoyed by its gains – costly as they have been.

Returning to Realism: The Other Face of the Ukraine Crisis

Mohamed Mahad D. Darar • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

An upgrade in US thinking to view Russia as a contemporary country with present-day policy goals as opposed to just an irredentist dying regime should be considered.

Ignore the Paradox: Russia, Ukraine, and Nuclear Deterrence

Francesco Bailo and Benjamin E. Goldsmith • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

There is no empirical evidence that the assumption of emboldened and risk-acceptant conventional conflict behavior of Russia is in some way caused by, or protected by, MAD.

Opinion – Challenges for the Expansion of the BRICS

William Daldegan • Jun 9 2022 • Articles

New partners and the increase of interaction between emerging and developing countries seem to be a plausible alternative to safeguard interests, but challenges remain.

The Ideas Behind Putin’s War in Ukraine

William M. Zolinger Fujii • Jun 5 2022 • Articles

Ukraine’s integration into the West is unacceptable to the Kremlin on security grounds, it is also inadmissible for what Putin would consider ‘civilizational’ reasons.

Opinion – A Hidden Victory? The Winter War and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Andrew Latham and Austin Wu • May 28 2022 • Articles

In a Clausewitzian sense, Putin has successfully used Russian force to impose Russia’s will on Ukraine.

Opinion – The West’s Credibility Crisis in the Midst of Putin’s War

Maarten Wensink • May 20 2022 • Articles

Canceling courses on Dostoyevsky and excluding Russian athletes and performers fit seamlessly into modern US culture of hyperpolarization and cancellation, now exported to all of the West

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