Russian Nationalism (Imperialism) and Ukrainian Nationalism

Taras Kuzio • Dec 8 2020 • Articles

Since 2014, Russia has become more nationalistic and chauvinistic, while nationalism in Ukraine has become more civic – and yet some western writing gives the opposite impression.

Racism, Crimea and Crimean Tatars

Taras Kuzio • Dec 6 2020 • Articles

Most western historians of Russia see Crimea as always having been Russian and therefore have not fully criticised Russia’s 2014 annexation.

Academic Orientalism in Russia-Ukraine Scholarship

Taras Kuzio • Dec 2 2020 • Articles

The roots of academic orientalism lie in Western histories of Russia and Crimea – political scientists who work on Russia acting as gatekeepers to Russian and Eurasian studies in the West.

Impact of War and Prospects for Peace between Russia and Ukraine

Taras Kuzio • Nov 30 2020 • Articles

With Putin in power for another 16 years, the policies he has pursued, however counter-productive they have been to Russian goals, will continue towards Ukraine.

Russian Military Aggression or ‘Civil War’ in Ukraine?

Taras Kuzio • Nov 27 2020 • Articles

Putin’s inability to comprehend his mistakes and his longevity in power for another sixteen years make the chances for peace low.

New Book – Crisis in Russian Studies? Nationalism (Imperialism), Racism and War

Taras Kuzio • Nov 25 2020 • Articles

The source of the Russian-Ukrainian war lies in Russian identity and its attitudes towards Ukraine and Ukrainians, making the chances for peace slim.

Western Histories of ‘Russia’ and Ukraine

Taras Kuzio • Oct 26 2020 • Articles

Historiography, myths, and legends are important in the formation of national identities – creating and sustaining a national ‘We,’ while laying claim to earlier or first settlement in disputed territories.

The Dynamics of Sino-Russian Relations in Central Asia

Aleksey Asiryan and Yiming He • Oct 25 2020 • Articles

Despite a collision of interests, Moscow and Beijing are constantly renegotiating their positions in the region to avoid potential conflicts. Amidst this, Central Asian states are not mere spectators.

Interview – Xymena Kurowska

E-International Relations • Sep 25 2020 • Features

Xymena Kurowska discusses her interdisciplinary research, Russia’s contestation of liberal norms, its cyber diplomacy, and interpretive approaches to EU foreign policy.

American Influence on Russian Information Warfare

Bryan Nakayama • Sep 24 2020 • Articles

American digital democracy promotion can be understood as yet another chapter in the rising prominence of information operations in global competition.

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