The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: An Historical Perspective

Georges Depeyrot • Sep 17 2015 • Articles

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization marks a shift in Russia’s politics and changes the role of China in the region, as it seeks to play a leading role in the world.

Iran, the SCO and Major Geo-strategic Shifts in a Post-Ahmadinejad Era

Hossein Aghaie Joobani • Sep 24 2013 • Articles

The prospects for Iranian membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are likely to improve following the Iranian election. But, the move might be costly for Iran.

Afghanistan: China’s New Frontier?

Serafettin Yilmaz • Dec 19 2012 • Articles

Recent Chinese actions may be seen as part of an experiment of a Pax Sinica through which China would lead a secure and prosperous region. Afghanistan offers a test ground for this regional strategy.

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