Settler Colonialism

Failing in the Reflexive and Collaborative Turns: Empire, Colonialism, Gender and the Impossibilities of North-South Collaborations

Desirée Poets • Apr 9 2020 • Articles

As Postcolonial Theory becomes accepted in the mainstream, how do we control the means through which academia aims to re-invent its as only seemingly more benign?

Interview – Anne Sisson Runyan

E-International Relations • Mar 8 2019 • Features

Anne Sisson Runyan discusses the importance of International Women’s Day, gender and IR, intersectionality, gender balance in academia and decolonial feminism.

Settler Colonialism and Financial Exclusion of Banks in the English Caribbean

Tamanisha J. John • Oct 20 2018 • Articles

To cement the notions of African and Indian inferiority to whiteness, their lack of credit worthiness and inability to manage local banks, were used as proof. 

Review – Boycott! The Academy and Justice for Palestine

Lawrence Davidson • Apr 17 2018 • Features

This well written book clearly explains the origins of the movement for the academic boycott of Israel, and discusses in a thought-provoking way, where it is now going.

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