Interview – PJ Brendese

E-International Relations • Sep 27 2018 • Features

PJ Brendese discusses his work exploring public memory, forgetting, relationships to memory and their link to democratic possibilities, and recent debates over monuments.

Britain’s Modern Slavery Act: Flies in the Ointment

Gary Craig • Jun 13 2018 • Articles

The Modern Slavery Act has been shown to be deficient in many important regards and continuing to claim it as ‘world-leading’ is now a more hollow claim than ever before.

Interview – Ida Danewid

E-International Relations • Mar 13 2018 • Features

Ida Danewid discusses internationalism and the politics of solidarity, the ‘Black Mediterranean’, the Grenfell Tower fire, and diversifying and decolonising the academy.

Britain’s Modern Slavery Act: World-leading or a Timid Start?

Gary Craig • Apr 8 2015 • Articles

It has become clear that both the scale of modern slavery is much larger than presumed, and that its scope is much wider. New forms of slavery are becoming apparent.

The Future of Slavery in Australia

Jonathan Hirt • Jul 22 2014 • Articles

Slavery and trafficking will not be defeated unless those fighting it can simultaneously prevent its growth, whilst strategically responding to its current expressions.

Will the Caribbean’s Reparations Claim Succeed?

Peter Clegg • Apr 7 2014 • Articles

The Caribbean countries have attempted to link their present-day ills to the role of slavery and colonial rule, and seek reparations as part of a new development agenda.

IR and the Global South: final confessions of a schizophrenic teacher

Peter Vale • Oct 30 2009 • Articles

As I’ve hacked my way through the thicket of the Great Debates these thirty-odd years past, I’ve increasingly wondered what my students must have made of my passion for ideas which appear at odds with the lives they lead – even, indeed, the countries they have come to know.

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