South China Sea

Chinese Submarines and U.S. Anti-Submarine Warfare Capabilities

Eleni Ekmektsioglou and Matthew Hallex • Aug 27 2011 • Articles
China’s military modernization has been a source of great concern for the United States and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region. Submarines, unsurprisingly, can be expected to play a significant role in Chinese asymmetric A2/AD strategies.The United States must invest to maintain the superiority of its undersea forces and to relearn and redevelop the core ASW capabilities it lost following the end of the Cold War.

South China Sea – Old Worries on The Rise

Tilman Pradt • Aug 26 2011 • Articles
The territorial disputes concerning the Spratly and Paracel Islands and adjacent waters are still unresolved. Recently, incidents between Vietnamese seismic survey ships and Chinese coast patrols are a reminder of the conflict potential these border disputes inherit. After a phase of relative easiness among the claimants to the South China Sea islands, these newly heightened tensions cause rising worries in the region and abroad.

Diplomacy in the South China Sea

Sheldon W. Simon • Aug 12 2011 • Articles
Washington's emphasis on multilateral diplomacy underlines the point that ASEAN as a whole as well as other states have significant interests in the Sea that go beyond the territorial disputes between five states and China.

The Potential for Sino-US Conflict in the South China Sea

John Hemmings • Mar 21 2011 • Articles
Arguably, the most significant fact in international relations at the beginning of the 21st Century is the gradual emergence of China as a regional and global power, and the relative decline of what can be loosely termed the ‘status quo powers’ and their most powerful member, the US. A number of mini-crises in the South China Sea this year, are sparking concern about China's rise and the potential for Sino-US conflict.

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