State Building

Review – Warlord Survival: The Delusion of Statebuilding in Afghanistan

Florian P. Kühn • Jul 9 2021 • Features

Malejacq’s book presents a lively and detailed narrative of four significant ‘warlords’ and how they demonstrate the failings of external statebuilding in Afghanistan.

Local and International Actors Influencing Inter-Communal Relations in Rakhine State

Htet Paing Oo • May 22 2021 • Articles

Local and international actors have historically influenced trends and dynamics of inter-communal relations in the multi-ethnic Rakhine State of Myanmar.

State-Building, Sovereignty and Migration Management in the Global South

Fiona B. Adamson and Gerasimos Tsourapas • Jul 22 2020 • Articles

State migration policy has a long history of being used as a means of creating or preserving a particular (often racialized) form of national identity.

Interview – Adeoti Dipeolu

E-International Relations • Oct 1 2019 • Features

Adeoti Dipeolu discusses the importance of Black History Month, her current PhD research and diaspora involvement in peacebuilding and state-building.

Interview – Abbey Steele

E-International Relations • May 16 2019 • Features

Abbey Steele talks to us about the Colombian conflict, forms of displacement, the practice of ‘subcontracted state-building’, her fieldwork in Colombia and women in IR.

Bureaucracy, Organisational Learning and Resilience: ISI 2008-12

John Still • Aug 4 2016 • Articles

IS’s predecessor, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), has previously proved resilient and capable of learning from and adapting to setbacks.

Foreign Policy as a Tool of State-Building in the Post-Yugoslav States

Soeren Keil • Oct 10 2014 • Articles

Foreign policy as a tool of state-building promises new evidence and may force us to re-think key concepts in international relations.

The Afghan Diaspora and Post-Conflict State Building in Afghanistan

Kouser Fatima • Aug 21 2014 • Articles

Among the groups involved in the post-conflict dynamics, the Afghan diaspora is an important participant. However, certain aspects of this are problematic.

A Blessing or a Curse? Aid Rentierism and State-building in Afghanistan

Sarajuddin Isar • May 23 2014 • Articles

Accountability goes where aid direction flows. Fuelled by foreign aid, the Afghan state tends to be more accountable to donors than to its own people.

State-building and Fragility of Personality-dependent Political Order

Zubair Popalzai • May 7 2014 • Articles

There is a need for political imagination that goes beyond immediate security interests, political and military transitions, and reconciliation with insurgent groups.

Where to for Somali State-building Since London and Istanbul Conferences?

Michael Walls • Jul 28 2012 • Articles

While it is clear that the great majority of Somalis wish to find a path to peace, it is not at all clear that they support a strong, central government.

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