Interview – Leonardo Martinez-Diaz

E-International Relations • Feb 6 2020 • Features
Leonardo Martinez-Diaz discusses sustainable finance, actionable data and how communities and governments can strengthen their resilience and prepare for climate change.

Interview – Marina Povitkina

E-International Relations • Sep 20 2018 • Features
Marina Povitkina discusses her PhD research on democracy and its effect on environmental performance, as well as the Paris Agreement, green policies and island nations.

Interview – João Aguiar Machado

E-International Relations • Jul 5 2018 • Features
João Aguiar Machado discusses the European Union's Common Fishing Policy and his thoughts on environmental sustainability, particularly in the Black Sea Region.

The Convergence of Cyberspace and Sustainability

Nazli Choucri • Apr 20 2012 • Articles
There is an emerging synergy between cyberspace and sustainability as they converge on the global policy agenda.

Avoiding a Zero-Sum Water-Energy End Game: Bring It to Rio+20

Olimar E. Maisonet-Guzman • Nov 1 2011 • Articles
It seems that there is an inverse relationship between water and energy security, but is this scenario real or imagined? Although it is only one step, the incorporation of the water-energy nexus into the Rio+20 agenda would help to improve our understanding of sustainability.

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