Afghan Refugees and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Grant Farr • May 26 2020 • Articles
Afghanistan has neither the medical facilities nor the organizational structure to deal with these returning refugees and the pandemic they bring.

Opinion – International Humanitarian Law Should Have Been Part of the Taliban Deal

Todd Carney • Mar 24 2020 • Articles
By not providing specific provisions to curb the Taliban’s warfare tactics and get them to agree to IHL provisions, the US missed an opportunity.

The Afghan Peace Talks, China, and the Afghan Elections

Grant Farr • Dec 23 2019 • Articles
As the United States pulls back from international commitments, and Afghanistan continues to be internally unstable, China is glad to step in.

Peace in Afghanistan?

Grant Farr • Apr 20 2019 • Articles
America's involvement in Afghanistan has to end. Yet, however well intentioned America's withdrawal is, chaos and internal armed conflict will follow.

Interview – Mike Martin

E-International Relations • Mar 21 2019 • Features
Mike Martin discusses his career in the British Army and risk management, recent negotiations between the US and the Taliban, and the importance of ideology in conflict.

A Looming Peace for Afghanistan’s Long Hard War?

Robert Cassidy • Feb 26 2019 • Articles
The war in Afghanistan will not be a win, but a qualified conclusion. One scenario for ending it seems to be settling for a draw and a peace with some hope of enduring.

What is Happening in Afghanistan?

Grant Farr • May 12 2018 • Articles
The US is losing the war and has become a part of the problem. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from the US experience in Vietnam.

The Separability of Jihad

Stephen Chan • Nov 26 2017 • Articles
It may be in the social origins of the psychology of jihad, rather than in foreign policy, that we might best begin some meaningful work on exploring this phenomenon.

Open Access Book – Understanding Post-9/11 Afghanistan: A Critical Insight into Huntington’s Civilizational Approach

E-International Relations • Feb 24 2017 • Features
A post-Islamic humanist discourse has the potential to carve the way for peace in post-9/11 Afghanistan and vindicate Islam of its denigration in the contemporary world.

A New Taliban Leadership and Peace Prospects in Afghanistan

Marvin G. Weinbaum and Meher Babbar • Jul 7 2016 • Articles
At present, there is little incentive for the Taliban to enter into peace talks. The military situation remains dynamic, and no stalemate is in sight.

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