Colonial Politics of Digital Security Interfaces

Pedro Maia • Mar 17 2020 • Articles
When juxtaposing quantified data, digital territories, data visualization and security they end up reifying and perpetuating colonial practices and imaginaries.

Review – The Future of War

Jack Howarth • Feb 29 2020 • Features
Freedman employs an inter-disciplinary approach to explore the many failed predictions on the future of war and encourages a healthy scepticism towards them.

Civilization, China and Digital Technology

Michael Keane • Feb 1 2020 • Articles
China is intent on consolidating a digital civilization; which has widespread implications for industry, governance, population management, and international relations.

Reprogramming the World: Legal Terrains

P.J. Blount • Dec 6 2019 • Articles
The legal landscape of Cyberspace is a multidimensional geography that can rewrite the jurisdictional patterns established as accepted in international governance.

Cyberspace and the Struggle to Maintain and Manage It

P.J. Blount • Dec 3 2019 • Articles
If the Internet is to be an effective tool of liberty, freedom and justice then Cyberspace must be understood not just within domestic governance frameworks, but also within the international governance system.

Reprogramming the World: Political Places

P.J. Blount • Dec 2 2019 • Articles
The geography of Cyberspace has been described as layered: a spatial geography layered with a legal geography that is layered with a political geography.

The Nomos of Cyberspace

P.J. Blount • Nov 29 2019 • Articles
If Cyberspace is indeed opening up global geography, then it should be observable in international space through the reallocation of territory, authority, and rights in the international assemblage.

Interview – Muchiru Mark Kuria

E-International Relations • Jun 30 2019 • Features
Muchiru Mark Kuria disusses his company, Kuria Capital, developments and challenges for Kenya's digital ecosystem, its young entrepreneurs, and the 'Silicon Savannah'.

Interview – Odessa Primus

E-International Relations • Apr 4 2019 • Features
Odessa Primus discusses how data science can be used to inform policy-making, the role of the Global Arena Research Institute, and the politics of the Visegrád countries.

Review – Huidu: Inside Huawei

Lily McElwee • Feb 28 2019 • Features
Given the current climate Huawei's former President of External Affairs, William B. Plummer, provides a highly opinionated but useful insight into the Chinese tech firm.

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