Iceland: A Pop-culture Powerhouse at the Top of the World

Robert A. Saunders • May 9 2017 • Articles

Buttressed by countless media products touting Iceland’s harsh beauty, Iceland is now a meaningful quotient in everyday geopolitical understanding of millions of people.

Commercial(ized) Nationalism on Display at the Olympics

Robert A. Saunders • Aug 23 2016 • Articles

Overseas corporations are taking an increasingly important role in telling Americans exactly who they are, as in the case of several ads broadcast during the Olympics.

The Audience in Popular Culture and World Politics

Louise Pears • Jun 25 2016 • Articles

Paying attention to the way that meaning is negotiated can contribute to our understanding of the relationship between popular culture and world politics.

Fantasies of Occupation: ‘Occupied’ and ‘the Man in the High Castle’

Robert A. Saunders • Mar 7 2016 • Articles

The Man in the High Castle is the perfect ‘distraction’ for a country riven by increasingly bitter culture wars, and a complete breakdown in civil discourse.

The Forgotten Story of ‘Me Llamo Martina Sola’

Melixa Abad Izquierdo • Apr 15 2015 • Articles

Outside of Latin America telenovelas are perceived as a generic product. But each country possesses a unique form of telenovela, identifiable by its stylistic attributes.

Screening Global Politics: Visual Culture and International Relations

Al McKay • Oct 15 2013 • Articles

e-IR is proud to announce the launch of its new series of articles “Screening Global Politics”. The series will function as a rolling series of posts exploring the relationship between global politics and visual culture.

The ‘Cultural Turn’ in International Relations: Making Sense of World Politics

ES Van Veeren • May 10 2009 • Articles

What do the Miss Universe competition, Sesame Street’s Elmo, and Fox’s television show 24 have in common? Aside from being phenomenally successful American cultural products, they can also offer us insight into the workings of world politics, in this case through their connections to the US military detention facilities at Joint Task Force Guantánamo.

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