Review – Security as Politics: Beyond the State of Exception

Sasikumar S. Sundaram • Aug 24 2021 • Features

Andrew Neal’s thought-provoking book critiques the view of security as anti-politics and instead focuses on parliamentary politics and recent shifts in security practices.

Interview – Saloni Kapur

E-International Relations • Jun 10 2021 • Features

Saloni Kapur explains how an English School appoach enhances our understanding of security, the implications of dehumanising terrorists, and regional cooperation on countering terrorism in South Asia.

Terrorism in Africa: Explaining the Rise of Extremist Violence Against Civilians

Joseph Mroszczyk and Max Abrahms • Apr 9 2021 • Articles

As the US and other Western powers pivot towards threats posed by China and Russia, terrorist organizations will have more freedom to maneuver.

Opinion – Assessing Changes in How Australia Refers to Extremism

Benjamin Cherry-Smith • Mar 28 2021 • Articles

ASIO is stepping away from using ‘right-wing’ or ‘Islamic’ and instead referring to the principal motivation of the individual or group as ‘ideological’ or ‘religiously’ motivated violent extremism.

Is it Possible to Escape the Past? Race and the Radicalization of Robert Byrd and Anders Breivik

Christopher Keith Johnson • Jan 26 2021 • Articles

In the case of Byrd and Breivik it is an internal rather than an external exercise of whether someone radicalised can compromise their own values.

The Specter of Terrorism During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Greg Simons and Cristina Bianca • May 8 2020 • Articles

There has been speculation as to whether terrorists may take advantage of the suffering, chaos and upheaval around the world.

Review – The Kurds of Northern Syria

Jordi Tejel • Feb 8 2020 • Features

Allsopp and van Wilgenburg draw on interviews to provide a detailed and less romanticized account of the emergence, consolidation and crisis of the DAA in Northern Syria.

The Afghan Peace Talks, China, and the Afghan Elections

Grant Farr • Dec 23 2019 • Articles

As the United States pulls back from international commitments, and Afghanistan continues to be internally unstable, China is glad to step in.

The “Drone” Lexicon

Joseph Chapa • Sep 30 2019 • Articles

The term, “drone,” is often unhelpful and is useful only to the degree that those who use it clarify the sub-categories within it that are actually at stake.

Considering the Whole Ecosystem in Regulating Terrorist Content and Hate Online

Amy-Louise Watkin • Sep 18 2019 • Articles

The whole ecosystem is going to require new regulatory frameworks to combat extremist content online. Removal of content is not necessarily the best form of action.

Review – The Empty Throne: America’s Abdication of Global Leadership

Scott Lucas • Sep 10 2019 • Features

Daalder and Lindsay’s book critiques the loss of US leadership under Trump but fails to break new ground or present a clear account of what leadership is or should be.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Poststructuralism and Media Representations of Terrorists

Aishling Mc Morrow • Sep 9 2019 • Student Features

The official discourse across an event, although powerful, never fully accounts for the reading of the entire situation.

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