Trans Pacific Partnership

Wrecking Ball-In-Chief: Trump’s Withdrawals from International Commitments

Holger Janusch • Jul 17 2019 • Articles

Trump’s withdrawal from international agreements raises concerns on the unreliability of democracies in international affairs. These concerns are unwarranted. Here’s why.

Interview – Simon Long

E-International Relations • Jan 4 2018 • Features

Journalist Simon Long shares his views on state-media relations in the Asian context, geopolitical tensions in East Asia, the role of ASEAN and Rohingya refugee crisis.

Interview – Joseph Chinyong Liow

E-International Relations • Oct 12 2017 • Features

Dr Chinyong Liow discusses the Trump administration’s strategy for East and Southeast Asia, growing conservatism in Indonesia, and the 50th anniversary of ASEAN.

The Death of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Contradictions of Neoliberalism

Madison Cartwright • May 18 2017 • Articles

The U.S may consider a complete break, abandoning neoliberalism in favour of a new order which can maintain its leadership and achieve consensus at home.

Interview – Mark Blyth

E-International Relations • Aug 13 2016 • Features

Mark Blyth discusses the crises of the European Union, the repercussions of Brexit, alternatives to austerity, and his position as a “reluctant Constructivist”.

Hillary Clinton’s Response to the Pulse Orlando Shootings

Ali E. Erol • Jun 15 2016 • Articles

Queer scholars must deconstruct discourses and affective structures that attempt to put queer subjects in binaries and offer citizenship in exchange of being a part of global warfare.

Why Clinton Will Support the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trump Will Not

Erik Lindell • May 8 2016 • Articles

If the TPP is not finalized before President Obama leaves the White House, its life or death will likely be contingent upon who wins the U.S. election in November.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the 2016 US Presidential Election

Tom Chodor • Apr 23 2016 • Articles

The popularity of Trump and Sanders indicate that the days when neoliberal globalisation heralded a prosperous and equitable world are long behind us.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: For, Against and Prospects

Richard Higgott and Richard Stubbs • Apr 13 2016 • Articles

TPP is signed but it is not a done deal. The divergences between the for and against cases are as much questions of politics and ideology as they are fact.

The “New Type of Major Power Relations”: A New Normal in Sino-US Ties

Anand V. • Oct 23 2015 • Articles

Political, economic and military conditions make a direct clash between the two powers possible, yet there are also constraints on all levels impeding on this.

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