Review – Hotels and Highways

Zeynep Gülşah Çapan • Aug 12 2020 • Features

An empirically rich discussion of the negotiations and translations involved in the travels of modernisation theory to Turkey during the Cold War era.

Interview – Zeynep N. Kaya

E-International Relations • May 11 2020 • Features

Zeynep Kaya tackles the repercussions of the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria, the position of women in Iraqi Kurdistan and the recovery of Yazidi communities.

Opinion – Spain’s Request For NATO Coronavirus Aid: Will Turkey Answer?

Kareem Salem • Mar 30 2020 • Articles

Ankara has very little room for manoeuvre to support the Turkish economy, let alone give aid to Spain, given that Turkey has limited financial reserves and a large budget deficit.

Alternative Approaches to Self-Determination Applied to the Cyprus Conflict

Charis van den Berg and Tobias Nowak • Mar 13 2020 • Articles

The UN paradigm has a number of shortcomings and is therefore inadequate to answer modern claims involving self-determination, such as the Cyprus conflict.

Review – The Kurds of Northern Syria

Jordi Tejel • Feb 8 2020 • Features

Allsopp and van Wilgenburg draw on interviews to provide a detailed and less romanticized account of the emergence, consolidation and crisis of the DAA in Northern Syria.

Competing Logics of Security toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon

Sefa Secen • Dec 20 2019 • Articles

Turkey’s and Lebanon’s high levels of political polarization could engender competing logics of security and increase Syrian refugees’ vulnerability to instability.

Interview – Costas Constantinou

E-International Relations • Sep 19 2019 • Features

Costas Constantinou discusses the application of IR theory to diplomacy, the gap between scholarship on diplomacy and practice, plus the Cyprus Problem and identity.

Russia and Turkey: An Ambiguous Energy Partnership

John Koutroumpis • Sep 11 2019 • Articles

Notwithstanding conflicting geopolitical calculations, the relationship between Russia and Turkey is deeply embedded in an energy-based solid economic foundation.

An Ontological Reading of Turkey’s AK Party – Gülen Movement Conflict

Arslan Ayan • Jul 21 2019 • Articles

An alliance that once existed gradually turned to conflict post-2010 because both sides began to fear an erosion in their self-identities as a source of distinctiveness.

Adding ‘T’ to BRICS: A NATO Ally in Transition

Arslan Ayan • Jul 9 2019 • Articles

Turkey’s increasing aspiration to become a member of the BRICS grouping holds economic, political, and ontological benefits for it, but will a “T” be added to BRICS soon?

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