Turkish Foreign Policy

Interview – Selim Koru

E-International Relations • Apr 26 2018 • Features

Analyst Selim Koru shares his views on Turkey’s relations with Russia and its Western allies, its approach to Islamic State, the Kurdish PKK and the peace process.

Turkish-American Relations and the Kurdish Thorn of Syria

Michael Goodyear • Apr 17 2018 • Articles

Turkey’s fight against the YPG and capture of Afrin serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Turkish power in Syria and puts poor Turkish-U.S. relations at further risk.

The Struggle for the German-Turkish Partnership: Preventing the “Train Crash”

Ebru Turhan • Dec 4 2016 • Articles

Germany and Turkey are tied to each other through a complex interdependency. Continuous dialogue is a necessity for both parties.

The Post-Davutoglu Era in Turkish Foreign Policy

Bezen Balamir Coşkun • Jun 3 2016 • Articles

Replacing Ahmet Davutoğlu will not end his strategic legacy and in the short run there will not be any radical shift over Turkey’s present foreign policy orientation.

The Future of Turkey’s Foreign Policy

Suha Bolukbasi • May 28 2016 • Articles

Davutoğlu designed Turkey’s Syrian policy jointly with Erdoğan. The hand-picked Yildirim is expected to be a low-profile executive of Erdoğan’s directives.

Modelling Escalation of the Russia-Turkey Conflict

Vidya Sagar Reddy • Mar 16 2016 • Articles

Russia will possibly seek an alteration in the behaviour of Turkey towards Syria in lieu of an apology. Turkey, could choose to await the effect of sanctions.

The Domestic and Regional ‘Kurdish Issue’ of Turkish Foreign Policy

Umut Yukaruc • Mar 12 2016 • Articles

Turkey has a century-old domestic problem with its Kurdish population affected by Kurdish support from the US and others, making the issue key to Turkish Foreign Policy.

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