United Kingdom

Lingering Effects of the UK’s Brexit Role Change

Juliet Kaarbo, Ryan Beasley and Kai Oppermann • Mar 10 2021 • Articles

While the UK has been casting for multiple roles (such as Global Britain), some of these roles are in conflict with each other and many international actors have rejected them.

China’s Political Economy and the UK Post-Brexit

Kerry Brown • Feb 2 2021 • Articles

Never before has the difference between British and Chinese economic and geopolitical power been so great. Britain has more independence post-Brexit, but is also more exposed.

The UK’s Global Role Post-Brexit: What is Worth Researching?

Patrick Holden • Jan 28 2021 • Articles

Britain has been damaged by Brexit, but this could be overcome with time and the UK may prove to be a fascinating case study of the usefulness (or not) of the soft power concept.

Opinion – Lessons from Europe for the UK’s Battle Against Economic Inequality

Andrew Maitland • Jan 3 2021 • Articles

Tackling inequality in the UK will require Government commitment to long term planning as well as the use of inventive policy making to ensure it remains a sustainable policy goal.

In Search of British Exceptionalism Post-Brexit

Srdjan Vucetic • Dec 22 2020 • Articles

The UK’s political leaders are ultimately interested in the idea and practice of global influence. We should expect to see more of this even in the trying months ahead.

Opinion – The UK’s Complicated and Contradictory COVID-19 Moment

Alexander Brotman • Dec 13 2020 • Articles

The economic recovery and global governance framework that emerges from COVID-19 will test Britain’s clout and global outlook beyond Brexit.

Review – British World Policy and the Projection of Global Power, c.1830-1960

John W. Young • Nov 30 2020 • Features

This edited collection provides a diverse assessment of British power, both geographically and across time, serving as a fitting tribute to Keith Neilson’s memory.

Why the West Needs to Stop its Moralising against China

Kerry Brown • Aug 10 2020 • Articles

Knowledge, humility, and honesty will be the things that help the outside world deal with the historic challenge of China’s rise.

The British Labour Party after Brexit

Ugur Tekiner • May 31 2020 • Articles

Only time will tell if the Labour party will cope with the post-Brexit challenges or spiral into a downward trend akin to other European centre-left parties.

Applying Securitization’s Second Generation to COVID-19

Lewis Eves and James Thedham • May 14 2020 • Articles

The United Kingdom and Serbia have been selected to show how second-generation thinking can be applied to both western and non-western political cultures.

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