United Nations

The Responsibility to Protect in 2020: Thinking Beyond the UN Security Council

Samuel Jarvis • Jun 19 2020 • Articles
The break down in multilateralism forces us to think more expansively about how protection and prevention initiatives can be delivered and supported.

The Case of UN Involvement in Jammu and Kashmir

Stephen P. Westcott • May 29 2020 • Articles
The Security Council limited the Kashmiri people to accession into either India or Pakistan, in fact privileging another norm: the existing sovereign state’s rights.

The United Nations, Self-Determination, State Failure and Secession

Ed Brown • May 29 2020 • Articles
Secessionist states are unlikely to gain membership as the principle of territorial integrity holds primacy, initially showing it to be a foe to self-determination.

Opinion – Sustainability for the Urban Poor Beyond COVID-19

Jaimin Parikh • May 27 2020 • Articles
The ‘win-win’ scenario for governments, the urban poor, as well as private players is likely to emerge if public private partnership models are adopted.

Intergenerational Justice and the Paris Agreement

James M. Nguyen • May 11 2020 • Articles
With a broad recognition of climate change as a problematic issue area, a better response needs to be developed while keeping intergenerational justice in mind.

The United Nations’ COVID-19 Dilemmas: Towards a Budgetary Crisis?

Ronny Patz • May 6 2020 • Articles
Unless major states overcome their opposing interests the positive effects of the additional money that comes in will be washed away by geopolitics.

The Limits of Control? Conducting Fieldwork at the United Nations

Holger Niemann • Apr 17 2020 • Articles
We should strive for greater transparency in acknowledging the complexity of our fields, as well as the confusion our own situatedness can cause in the research process.

Self-Determination as Resistance: Sahrawi and Palestinian Struggle for the UN

Moara Assis Crivelente • Mar 19 2020 • Articles
Officials and activists interviewed from both Palestine and Western Sahara affirm that despite their commitment to diplomacy, self-determination is non-negotiable.

Revisiting the United Nations and the Micro-State Problem

Archie W. Simpson • Mar 17 2020 • Articles
The micro-state problem emerged in the late 1960s as many newly independent; decolonised micro-states applied to join the UN in order to confirm their sovereign status.

Sustaining Peace and Internal Self-Determination in the UN Perspective

Cristiana Carletti • Mar 17 2020 • Articles
Peace agreement’s hybrid self-determination component demonstrate how international and local actors can impact the establishment post-conflict environment domestically.

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