United Nations

Review – Reflections on a United Nations’ Career

Martin Duffy • Oct 14 2022 • Features

This book is an in-depth account of a UN official’s experiences in the global aid sector, and is an ideal read for aspirants in this field.

Review – Constructing the Responsibility to Protect

Richard Illingworth • Sep 14 2022 • Features

This excellent volume provides a coherent package of the debates on R2P in theory and practice, highlighting its continually contested nature.

Review – Female Ex-Combatants, Empowerment, and Reintegration

Rebecca Turkington • Sep 1 2022 • Features

Michanne Steenbergen draws on understandings of power and critiques of existing UN practices to elucidate how empowerment gained by female ex-combatants is often lost upon their reintegration into society.

The UN’s Role in The Institutional Abuse of Children: Wronged or Wrongdoer?

Carolyn M. Evans • Mar 30 2022 • Articles

The scholarship on the institutional abuse of children illustrates why the UN should more closely consider such cases to find better responses.

Understanding the Illegality of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Kieran O'Meara • Mar 13 2022 • Articles

Russia has not only broken international law in the most flagrant manner, but has devalued the system of norms, values and practices that underpins international society.

The UN COP26 and ‘30 by 30’: Turning Points or More Business-As-Usual?

Mariko Frame • Mar 4 2022 • Articles

It is time to listen directly to those who are facing dispossession, loss of livelihoods, and homes, and to seek grassroots solutions,

The United Nations in Crisis: Geo-Political and Geo-Economic Challenges

Martin Duffy • Mar 2 2022 • Articles

The crisis facing the UN, as evidenced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is the single greatest threat to global security since its formation.

Interview – Kai Michael Kenkel

E-International Relations • Jan 31 2022 • Features

Kai Michael Kenkel talks about shifts in UN peacekeeping missions and the role of the UN and member states, as well as Brazil’s role in the global order.

Interview – Jan Lüdert

E-International Relations • Nov 15 2021 • Features

Jan Lüdert discusses normative practices of appropriateness, challenges to state sovereignty, decision-making in the United Nations, and pedagogies in international relations.

Opinion – Saving Myanmar?

Martin Duffy • Oct 25 2021 • Articles

With no sign of junta retrenchment, the big question remains as to how even a vestige of Myanmar’s democracy can be salvaged from the spoils of coup.

Interview – Victor Khodayar-Pardo

E-International Relations • May 10 2021 • Features

Victor Khodayar-Pardo discusses his work for the United Nations, including the organisation’s response to Covid-19, environmental issues and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Can the United Nations Deepen Mediation Effectiveness in Libya?

Samson Confidence Agbelengor • Mar 7 2021 • Articles

UNSMIL can deepen mediation effectiveness by upholding the facilitation of an inclusive political process leaves room deliberation and agreement of political solutions.

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