Video Games

Review – 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Jane Kirkpatrick • Feb 11 2017 • Features
Departing from cliché this game takes its subject and audience seriously, delivering an engaging and entertaining story about a key event that has shaped the Middle East.

Review – This War of Mine

Jane Kirkpatrick and Sven Schiltz • Feb 7 2016 • Features
By putting the civilians’ experience at the forefront, TWoM addresses the side of war that is often overlooked in many forms of popular culture as well as IR discourse.

Military Videogames, Geopolitics and Methods

Daniel Bos • Jun 1 2015 • Articles
A player-based approach unveils actual experiences of videogames offering a creative and grounded approach to a fuller understanding of pop culture in world politics.

Videogames and IR: Playing at Method

Nick Robinson • May 28 2015 • Articles
Methodologically, a constructive encounter with videogames relies on reflection on narrative, visual and aural elements, and gameplay.

War in Video Games – Between Reality and Entertainment

Michael Hitchens • Nov 26 2014 • Articles
Entertainment is not, and should not need to be, education. It is the responsibility of any society to ensure that its members are capable of separating the two.

Pixels and People: Videogames, Warfare, and the Missing Everyday

Helen Berents and Brendan Keogh • Oct 26 2014 • Articles
When considering the depiction of conflict and warfare in videogames, it is important to acknowledge not only what they are depicting but what they are ignoring.

IR and the Future Wars of First-Person Military Shooters

Johan Höglund • Oct 9 2014 • Articles
In the third generation of military shooters, IR concerns manifest as future war and the insecurity charted by IR collapses into open confrontation.

Violent Virtual Games and the Consequences for Real War

Margot Susca • Sep 24 2014 • Articles
The U.S. Army is using virtual violent video games to recruit and train soldiers for real war. This should trouble scholars across disciplines.

Video Games and the Simulation of International Conflict

Marcus Schulzke • Aug 1 2014 • Articles
As with other media, games are open to multiple interpretations and can be politically significant in different ways depending on which interpretations they can sustain.

Drones and Video Games

Kyle Grayson • Feb 25 2014 • Articles
The idea that piloting drones is as mindless as video games is popular. But it misses its target by misunderstanding video games and what enables killing from a distance.

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