Visual Culture

Collage: An Art-inspired Methodology for Studying Laughter in World Politics

Saara Särmä • Jun 6 2015 • Articles

To think through collage is to invent and apply conceptual frames and create juxtapositions that disrupt and render historically contingent accepted knowledge practices.

Popular Geopolitics and the ‘War on Terror’

Klaus Dodds • May 10 2015 • Articles

Representational logics, emotion and affect, and intertextuality offer methodological insights into how popular geopolitics connects to the war on terror.

Popular Culture and Political Identity

Constance Duncombe and Roland Bleiker • May 2 2015 • Articles

Images and emotions are everywhere in politics, and yet they have only recently become a serious and systematic topic of investigation in academia.

Screening Global Politics: Visual Culture and International Relations

Al McKay • Oct 15 2013 • Articles

e-IR is proud to announce the launch of its new series of articles “Screening Global Politics”. The series will function as a rolling series of posts exploring the relationship between global politics and visual culture.

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