Will China-US Great Power Competition Lead to War? A Thomistic Perspective

Andrew Latham • Aug 12 2021 • Articles

It is reasonable to expect that China will intensify its strategic campaign to displace the US in the Indo-Pacific and as the hegemonic power on the world stage.

Outsourcing Death, Sacrifice and Remembrance: The Socio-Political Effects of Remote Warfare

Malte Riemann and Norma Rossi • Feb 19 2021 • Articles

Remote warfare removes war from certain privileged spaces and times, even at the price of maintaining a limitless condition of war elsewhere.

The Remote Warfare Paradox: Democracies, Risk Aversion and Military Engagement

Jolle Demmers and Lauren Gould • Jun 20 2020 • Articles

Western democracies’ claims to the moral high ground in respect to the brutality of war are uncalled for. There is no such thing as sophisticated violence.

Remote Warfare and the Utility of Military and Security Contractors

Christopher Kinsey and Helene Olsen • Jun 20 2020 • Articles

There are important ethical, political and legal concerns with military contracting. The most serious of these is the fear that it will lead to a democratic deficit.

New Wars and New Practices in Contemporary Armed Conflicts

Marianna Albuquerque • May 26 2020 • Articles

In IR, the statement that war has played a central role in the formation, expansion, and maintenance of the international order is widely accepted, yet evolving.

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