World Order

Opinion – The Civilisation Narrative: China’s Grand Strategy to Rule the World

Mangesh Sawant • May 10 2020 • Articles
China, through the use of soft power, is working to undermine and replace the liberal order with rules conforming to its interests, creating a China-centric world.

Hegemony and Diversity in the ‘Liberal International Order’: Theory and Reality

Amitav Acharya • Jan 14 2020 • Articles
Global power shifts, anti-globalization sentiments and the rise of populist leaders highlight a crisis in the 'hegemony-diversity gap' at the heart of the liberal order.

The World Unites and Disunites: Someone Must Try to Keep It Together

Stephen Chan • Nov 18 2017 • Articles
If Angelina Jolie speaks for refugees, even the most hard-hearted government listens. A curious populist horizontality has come to accompany the political hierarchy of the UN.

Review – International Order in Diversity

Nathan Sears • Mar 28 2017 • Features
Though an empirically intriguing and entertaining read, Phillips and Sharman's book falls short on theory and contains fallacious historical investigation.

Managing Global Security beyond ‘Pax Americana’

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Jan 21 2017 • Articles
The rivalry of superpowers that we saw in the 20th century was a certain kind of world order. The hubris of one rich and powerful nation, the USA, is another - and one that is likely to end soon.

Review – Splinterlands

Richard W. Coughlin • Jan 21 2017 • Features
Feffer's novel is a compelling, short and readable account of what may happen to our world when forms of global integration disintegrate and there is no common future.

Review – Comparative Regionalism: Economics and Security

Hakan Mehmetcik • Jun 3 2016 • Features
An informative, analytically rich and eloquent book which will appeal to those who are interested in connections between global, regional and domestic orders.

Review Article – The BRICs and International Relations

Ray Kiely • Nov 21 2015 • Features
These two academically rigorous books serve as valuable guides to the relations among BRICs and provide engaging analyses on their impact on international order.

Review – Rethinking Hegemony

Tom Chodor • Sep 14 2015 • Features
Although some of his criticisms are slightly overstated, Worth successfully clarifies the concept of hegemony and applies it to analyses of major contemporary trends.

World Order, Human Rights, and the Security Council Veto

Aidan Hehir • Sep 2 2014 • Articles
The Security Council is an unedifying conflation of craven geopolitics. The veto power of the P5 is incompatible with the protection and promotion of human rights.

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