E-International Relations (E-IR) is the world’s leading open access website for students and scholars of international politics. The website was established in November 2007, and is recommended by leading academics and practitioners from around the world. We reach over 220,000 unique visitors a month. In addition to maintaining E-IR.info, E-International Relations publishes a range of open access books.

The website is owned and operated by E-IR Publications Ltd; a UK registered non-profit organisation based in Bristol, England. We are an independent publisher, unaffiliated with any institution or sponsor.

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Our Team

E-IR is staffed by an all volunteer team of academics and students. We give up some of our spare time to work on the website and E-IR’s wider publishing activities because we want to have a hand in creating a unique resource for students and scholars. If you would like to join our team, vacancies are listed here.

Editorial Board
Editor-in-Chief | Director:  Stephen McGlinchey
Articles Editor  | Director:  Marianna Karakoulaki

Features Editor | Director:  Christian Scheinpflug
Editor-at-large | Director:  Robert L. Oprisko
Editors-at-large: Al McKay, Luke M. Herrington, Phoebe Gardner, Satgin Hamrah
Production Editor:
  Ran Xiao
Non-Exec Board Members:  Alex Stark, Caitlin Hamilton, Michael Pang, Dylan Marshall

Articles Team
Articles Editor: Marianna Karakoulaki
Deputy Articles Editors:  Rhys Crilley, Max Nurnus
Associate Editor:  Federica Caso

Blogs Team
Blogs Editor: Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska
Deputy Blogs Editor: Elisa Randazzo

Commissioning Team
Senior Commissioning Editors:  Kirthi Jayakumar, Dhanasree Jayaram,
Timothy Poirson,
Hannah Partis-Jennings, Daniel Rowney, Michael Di Gregorio, Fabian Stroetges,
Ljupcho Stojkovski, Rosie Walters

Commissioning Editors: John H.S. Åberg, Janja R. Avgustin, Marcela Schaefer, Anil Sigdel,
Darren Atkinson, Colin Szkarlat, Loveleena Sharma, Emma Kast, Siofra Frost, Maja Spanu,
Matthew J. Harker,
Patty Zakaria, Benjamin Oliver, Patrick Weir, Laura Cartner, Ed Atkins,
Clara Eroukhmanoff, Valeria Del Castillo, Gah-Kai Leung,
Ariel Shangguan, Jan Tattenberg,
Caroline Cottet, Alper Almaz, Gustavo Sosa, Jakob Steiner, Antonio Lima Jr, Tom Watts,
Rebecca Hollender, Alessandro Badella
, Laura Southgate, Nihal Sen

Features Team
Features Editor:  Christian Scheinpflug
Deputy Features Editors:  Farah Saleem, Laurence Goodchild
Associate Editors:  Tom Cassauwers, Jane Kirkpatrick, Shagun Gupta, Ivan Lidarev,
Javier Alonso, Ana Carolina Sarmento

Students Team
Students Editor:  Sarah Miller
Deputy Students Editors: Evan Ritli, Daniel Golebiewski, Conor Heaney, Robert Ralston
Associate Editors: Matt Finucane, Bede Thompson, Simone Main, Fraser Logan,
Graham Kay, Matthew Murphy, Alan Jeffery, Tom Inchley

Editorial Assistants
Alice Blukacz, Amy McGinlay, Andrew Maitland, Annathea Cook, Anubhav Roy,
Charlotte Lecomte, Dana Hartman, Danielle le Poidevin, Indigo Griffith, Jonathan Colner,
Katie Coyle, Matthew Koo, Sophia Gore, Sophia Paris, Stoyan Stoyanov, Kathy Dimaya
Ting-fai Yeung, Benjamin Foldy