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E-International Relations is the world’s leading international relations website with daily publications of unique content aimed at academics, general interest readers, and students. The website was established in 2007 and reaches an audience of over 5 million unique readers. In addition to maintaining the website, we publish open access books.

We maintain an impartial editorial stance based on scholarly principles. We do not align ourselves with any specific causes or movements and seek to provide an open platform to allow our authors the freedom to present expert analysis from the widest range of positions. We do not have any corporate backers/owners, investors, or financial connections to other organisations – educational, political or otherwise.

Operationally, E-International Relations is an independent publisher, owned by a UK registered non-profit org – E-IR Publications Ltd (reg number: 7511911). We are staffed by an all-volunteer team of academics, practitioners and students who work remotely from locations all over the world. We raise our operating budget through advertising, book sales and donations from our readers.

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Our goals

1) To be the leading open access scholarly publisher in our field, making reputable expert content free to view for all.
2) To provide the best source of freely available materials for students of Politics and International Relations.

Our team

If you would like to join us, vacancies are listed here.


Editor-in-Chief & Publisher:  Stephen McGlinchey
Editor-at-Large & Director:  
Christian Scheinpflug
Articles Editor & Director: 
Marianna Karakoulaki

Features Editor & Director:  Jane Kirkpatrick
Editor-at-Large & Director: 
Kieran O’Meara
Managing Editor: Farah Saleem
Books Editor: Bill Kakenmaster
Students Editor: Sabrina Beaver
Editors-at-large: Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska, Al McKay, Rosie Walters, Jakob R. Avgustin, Tusharika Deka, Patterson Deppen, Bryony Vince


Deputy Articles Editors: Max Nurnus, Edoardo Pieroni
Associate Articles Editor: Zeynep Selin Balcı
Commissioning Editors: Adeleke Olumide Ogunnoiki, Alia Azmi, Andrew Heffernan, Bethany Wilkes, Felix Mantz, Leo Lin, Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal, Marnix Middelburg, Matti Spara, Simon Hilditch, Vaishnavi Pallapothu, Yatana Yamahata, Franca Elena Kappes, Yagnesh Sharma


Deputy Features Editors: Karoline Faerber
Associate Deputy Features Editor: Vaishnav Rajkumar
Associate Features Editors: Heechan Ahn, Katia Arese, Daniel Blake-Martin, Carla Broussy, Clara Castello, Rohan Chopra, Ethan Kimbrough, Thijs Korsten, Nachiket Midha, Sam Noble, Thomas Pritchard, Manish Jung Pulami, Pierluigi De Rogatis, Jason Spano, Kaiqing Su, Jordan Troisi, Charlie Zawadzki, Jinze Zhang 


Deputy Students Editors: Qi Zhang, Gabriel Fung, Goda Skiotytė
Associate Students Editors: Ian Adcock, Niloufar Baghernia
, Lena Schenk, Nigel Huckle, Rupert Schulenburg


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