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The International Atomic Energy Agency is the world’s central intergovernmental forum for scientific and technical co-operation in the nuclear field. It works for the safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, contributing to international peace and security and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Taken from:

Getting Started with the IAEA

IAEA Statute

This is the IAEA: Atoms for Peace and Development:

The IAEA’s Driving Force for Development

Nuclear 101: How IAEA Safeguard Works (Lecture)

History of the IAEA

IAEA Sources

Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Technical Cooperation Programme: How It Works  

Basics of IAEA Safeguards


The IAEA’s policy-making bodies decide on the Agency’s programmes and budgets. They comprise the General Conference of all Member States and the 35-member Board of Governors. The General Conference convenes annually at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, typically in September. The Board meets five times per year, also in Vienna.

The General Conference consisting of representatives of the IAEA Member States meets in a regular annual session, usually in September, to consider and approve the IAEA’s  budget and to decide on other issues raised by the Board of Governors, the Director General and Member States.

The Board examines and makes recommendations to the General Conference on the IAEA’s financial statements, programme and budget. It considers applications for membership, approves safeguards agreements and the publication of the IAEA’s safety standards. It also appoints the Director General of the IAEA, with the approval of the General Conference. Taken from:

How Does The IAEA Work

Why Does The IAEA Do What It Does? – Carnegie Endowment

Unleashing The Nuclear Watchdog: Strengthening and Reform of the IAEA (Video Below)

Unleashing The Nuclear Watchdog: Strengthening and Reform of the IAEA (PDF)

The IAEA in Practice

The Iran Nuclear Issue

IAEA and Iran: IAEA Reports

IAEA and Iran: Chronology of Key Events

The North Korea Problem

Fact Sheet On DPRK Nuclear Safeguards

IAEA and DPRK: Chronology of Key Events

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