North Korea

Opinion – Would You Hire A North Korean? South Korean Public Opinion is Mixed

Despite the considerable amount of assistance which the South Korean government provides for North Korean defectors, many still face discrimination.

Theory Synthesis in Sport and International Relations Research

Nikos Lekakis • May 26 2019 • Articles
An inadequate embodiment of IR paradigms exists in contemporary ‘sport & IR’ research as soft power, although highly influential, remains theoretically simplistic.

Interview – Andrew Hom

E-International Relations • May 12 2019 • Features
Andrew Hom tells us about the temporal turn in IR, different understandings of time, how time is political, and some of the best advice he has received during his career.

Evolution of Sino-Japanese Relations: Implications for Northeast Asia and Beyond

Nori Katagiri • Apr 10 2019 • Articles
China and Japan regularly hold bilateral talks and participate in multilateral discussions about regional cooperation, but trust deficits keep the two nations apart.

A Unified Korea: Good for All (Except Japan)

Strobe Driver • Feb 10 2019 • Articles
If the Koreas gain greater harmony they may focus more overtly on Japan’s past deeds and its present ambitions, directly impacting upon Japan’s ‘middle power‘ status.

Interview – Virginie Grzelczyk

E-International Relations • Nov 15 2018 • Features
Virginie Grzelczyk discusses North Korea's status as a nuclear power, the ways in which they are "mainstreaming", and their relationship with South Korea and the US.

Megachurches and the Living Dead: Intersections of Religion & Politics in Korea

John A. Rees • Jun 18 2018 • Articles
The prospect of political change in the North coincides with the potential for religious change in the South, producing a complex and fascinating set of scenarios.

The Survival of the US–Japan, US–ROK Alliance under a Potential Peace Treaty

Kentaro Sakamoto and Yaechan Lee • Jun 16 2018 • Articles
With potential talks of a peace treaty going on among the US, South Korea, North Korea and China, the future of the US–Japan, US–ROK alliance seems to be at stake.

Forecasting the Future: Prospects of a Negotiated Settlement with North Korea

Dan G. Cox • Jun 7 2018 • Articles
Approaching the negotiations between the United States and North Korea through a systematic fashion, the harsh reality is that these negotiations are very likely to fail.

Why Trump’s Meeting with North Korea Matters: The Asia-Middle East Connection

Patricia J. Sohn • May 18 2018 • Articles
Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un may be strategic for U.S. foreign politics in the face of strengthening relations between North Korea and Iran.

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