Author profile: Shaun Sunil Sandu

China’s Naval Modernization: A Fundamental Change in its National Security Strategy?

Shaun Sunil Sandu • May 20 2012 • Essays
China has more than quadrupled its expenditure on naval spending as part of a policy of sharply increasing defence spending since the early 2000s.

Can The Military Be A-Political?

Shaun Sunil Sandu • Apr 26 2012 • Essays
Due to the nature of warfare and policy-making itself, it is almost impossible for a soldier to be a-political.

Is Liberal Interventionism Dead?

Shaun Sunil Sandu • Apr 21 2012 • Essays
Liberal interventionism is a dying trend due to two main factors. Firstly, due to the emerging norm of human rights over sovereignty, and secondly via the the realization of the extreme costs involved in intervention - both financial and geopolitical.

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