Author profile: Victor Coutinho Lage

Victor Coutinho Lage is a PhD Candidate at the International Relations Institute of PUC-Rio (IRI/PUC-Rio), Brazil, and is a Faculty Member at IRI/PUC-Rio and at Faculdade Getúlio Vargas of Rio de Janeiro (FGV-Rio), Brazil. His PhD dissertation is on the formative process of modernity in Brazil in the XX and XXI centuries. His main research interests are: interpretations of modernity in Brazil, political theory and philosophy, theories of international relations.

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Review – Cities at the End of the World

Even if political categories are sometimes taken for granted, Lorenzo’s text shows how rich an engagement with literature can be to a critical reflection on politics.

Student Book Feature – IR Theory: A Critical Introduction

Student Book Feature – IR Theory: A Critical Introduction

By focusing on IR myths, & by using films to help understand theories, Weber’s textbook remains a major introduction to the perspectives associated with the study of IR.

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