Should Western Nations Arm Syrian Rebels?

Samer N. Abboud • May 10 2013 • Articles
There is a compelling case for increased militarization in the ongoing Syrian crisis, but such an intervention may seriously affect the prospects of finding a political solution to the conflict.

Europeanization: Analyzing the Domestic Change in Turkey

Diğdem Soyaltin • May 10 2013 • Articles
It remains to be seen whether Turkey will pursue further EU-focused change. This is related to the flexibility of the secular republic and those actors demanding a more democratic and liberal state.

The Syrian Predicament

Nadav Morag • May 9 2013 • Articles
The civil war playing out in Syria is an extreme manifestation of a common problem: the creation of independent states based on boundaries that did not reflect social and demographic realities.

Is Poststructuralism a Useful IR Theory? What About Its Relationship to Historical Materialism?

Michael Merlingen • May 8 2013 • Articles
The quality of our critique of world politics and our ability to change it is at stake. It seems a good idea to give conversation a try.

The English School and the Study of Sub-global International Societies

Yannis Stivachtis • May 8 2013 • Articles
As the standard of civilization has fallen into disrepute, other standards have taken its place. Of particular importance is democracy, which encompasses human rights and the rule of law.

Hans Kelsen and the Case for Democracy

Sandrine Baume • May 8 2013 • Articles
Kelsen’s theory of democracy is intimately tied to his thinking about law, primarily his refusal to surrender to any of the mythologies that denature investigation of legal and political phenomena.

Whither Nation-Building?

Harris Mylonas • May 8 2013 • Articles
What drives a state's choice to assimilate, accommodate, or exclude ethnic groups within its territory? An answer can be found by examining a state’s foreign policy goals and relations with external patrons of such groups.

British Memory of Colonial Brutality in Kenya and Elsewhere

Laura Routley • May 8 2013 • Articles
British elite's are slowly agreeing that Britain's colonial history needs to be debated as the testimonies and documentary evidence challenge "long-cherished views" of this period of British colonial exploits.

Imagining Post-Baath Syria: Stability or Chaos?

Nuri Salik • May 7 2013 • Articles
If the National Coalition crumbles, this will mean the reemergence of the factionalist game among rival groups in line with their external regional allies similar to the instability period before 1970.

What’s a Prof to Do?

Dylan Kissane • May 7 2013 • Articles
CEFAM is a business school that demands attendance in classes. But, in spite of this, there is still the need to encourage and even incentivise students to attend instead of heading for the sun and sand of the south of France.

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