Review – Global Cities, Governance and Diplomacy

Daniel Clausen • Feb 23 2014 • Features

Michele Acuto successfully employs unorthodox theories to argue that cities must be seen as vital agents in domestic and international diplomatic and governance processes.

Review – The Global Vatican

A. Alexander Stummvoll • Feb 23 2014 • Features

Rooney’s account is an interesting introduction to US-Vatican relations, but is also a reminder that analyses should not be left solely to participants in such relationships.

Review – Reporting at the Southern Borders

Jairo Lugo-Ocando • Feb 20 2014 • Features

Dell’Orto and Birchfeld provide unique and compelling insights into the uncertainty, dilemmas and challenges routinely faced by journalists when reporting on immigration.

Review – Gender: The Basics

Caron Gentry • Feb 18 2014 • Features

Hilary Lips leaves no stone unturned in her nuanced discussion of the construction of gender, issues of gender violence and the importance of deconstructing gender norms.

Review – Now I Know Who My Comrades Are

Thomas Nelson • Feb 18 2014 • Features

Parker’s analysis of internet censorship subversion in Russia, Cuba and China shows the myriad challenges faced by bloggers, but is not rigorous enough for an academic text.

Review – Women and Civil Society in Turkey

Sule Toktas • Feb 16 2014 • Features

Ömer Çaha’s in-depth study presents historical coverage of civil society in Turkey and identifies the various feminist movements that play a central role in the civil sphere.

Review – The Personal and the Professional in Aid Work

Jeevan Sharma • Feb 14 2014 • Features

Fechter’s edited collection takes issue with the absence of the personal from the debate on aid work, yet fails to consider what giving more space to the personal means.

Review – The Small Nation Solution

Zbigniew Dumienski • Feb 4 2014 • Features

Bodley’s argument that societal problems are that of scale is strong; but more appreciation could be given to the benefits of treating the environment as part of the commons.

Review – The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion

Nelli Babayan • Jan 27 2014 • Features

In focusing on the objectives of democracy promoters, this edited collection provides a fertile ground for understanding the process of democratization.

Review – Secessionist Movements and Ethnic Conflict

Siniša Malešević • Jan 23 2014 • Features

Beata Huszka employs discursive frames to examine the different political motivations of secessionist movements across the globe, however fails to recognise the limitations of such a universalistic approach.

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