Review – Staging the World

Kendrick Kuo • Dec 9 2013 • Features
Karl's perspective is fresh, but is too often stifled by theoretically-laden phrases that will not be familiar to a popular audience and only begin to make sense in context over several pages.

Review – Vatican Diplomacy at the United Nations

Jodok Troy • Dec 5 2013 • Features
Melnyk’s deep knowledge of the issue traces the aspirations of the Holy See at the United Nations to its theological roots, which want the Holy See to be a voice for the defense of human dignity.

Review – Global Institutions of Religion

Jeffrey Haynes • Dec 3 2013 • Features
Marshall’s goal is to provide as comprehensive an overview as possible of what she refers to as ‘global institutions of religion,’ and the variety of infinitely diverse organizations they inspire.

Review – Globalization, Labor Export and Resistance

Agnes Khoo • Nov 26 2013 • Features
Placing the experiences of Filipino domestic service workers at the centre of her enquiry, Lindio-McGovern provides a voice for this exploited workforce by tracing their narratives of solidarity and resistance.

Review – Doing Bad by Doing Good

Jared A. Pincin • Nov 26 2013 • Features
Coyne has provided a readable treatment of why well-intentioned humanitarian assistance is often less successful than promised and can lead to negative unintended consequences.

Review – To Move the World

Elizabeth Austin • Nov 25 2013 • Features
Fifty years after his assassination, Jeffrey Sachs brings the reader into John F. Kennedy’s era, allowing us to understand the challenges he faced and why his mission of peace remains important today.

Review – The Chinese Question in Central Asia

Barrett L. McCormick • Nov 23 2013 • Features
One of this book's major strengths is the focus on Central Asian perceptions of China, including perceptions of strategic interaction, economic relations, and culture.

Review – Routledge Handbook of Transnational Organized Crime

Robert Bunker • Nov 21 2013 • Features
Allum and Gilmour's Routledge anthology deftly fills the niche between more general encyclopedias of organized crime and those works focusing on specific individuals or genres of transnational actors.

Review – Future States

Rhys Crilley • Nov 20 2013 • Features
Stephen Paul Haigh’s claims for the resilience of the modern state in a global system rendered neo-medieval in form by globalization are bold - yet supported by a solid engagement with extant literature.

Review – Somali Piracy and Terrorism

Karl Sörenson • Nov 20 2013 • Features
Daniels' popular non-fiction approach to the the topic of piracy and terrorism in Somalia provides anecdotal 'evidence' but little new in terms of fact or theoretical advances.

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