Review – Churchill and Finland

Keith Olson • Jun 7 2013 • Features

Through an in depth examination of the Winston Churchill’s relationship with Finland, Markku Ruotsila explains Churchill’s geostrategic interests as well as his anticommunist ideology.

Review – China’s Development: Capitalism and Empire

Gordon Redding • Jun 6 2013 • Features

This multidisciplinary study of China’s economic reform asserts that a unique mode of capitalism will likely emerge within the state as it gradually works to overcome the strictures of communism.

Review – Anglo-American Relations

Alanna O'Malley • Jun 5 2013 • Features

Dobson and Marsh’s edited volume offers a wide-ranging view of how the US-UK relationship functions, through what mechanisms or with which tools, and why it is a source of intellectual intrigue.

Review – Celebrity Humanitarianism

Carlo Piccinini • Jun 3 2013 • Features

Ilan Kapoor questions the effectiveness of celebrity humanitarianism through a thought provoking analysis that considers it as a ‘spectacle’ for covering up the wrongs of capitalism.

Review – Criminal Insurgencies in Mexico

Robert Bonner • May 28 2013 • Features

Robert J. Bunker’s wide ranging edited collection provides valuable insight into the activities of Mexican drug cartels and gangs – though the analysis is short on policy prescriptions.

Review – The Breaking of Nations

Filipa Pestana • May 27 2013 • Features

This collection of essays by Robert Cooper offers a concise yet often controversial view of Europe’s place in the new world order and of what can be done to tackle fanaticism.

Review – After Empire

Kendrick Kuo • May 21 2013 • Features

Ambitious in scope, Peter Zarrow’s After Empire is a descriptive and analytical history of the intellectual currents that swept away China’s edifice of kingship and erected a new polity.

Review – Reforming Democracies

Kathleen Bruhn • May 20 2013 • Features

Douglas Chalmers’ analysis seeks to look in new places to propose a reform agenda that is focused on an entirely different set of processes than scholars have traditionally covered.

Review – The Permanent Crisis

Gawdat Bahgat • May 15 2013 • Features

Shashank Joshi’s comprehensive analysis of Iran’s nuclear orientation contends that the West must employ the strategies of ‘compellence’ and ‘denial’ to influence Iran’s nuclear policies.

Review – Counterinsurgency Warfare

Dan G. Cox • May 11 2013 • Features

David Galula’s classical 1964 work Counterinsurgency Warfare is one of the most cited and maligned works on the subject. A modern review of the book is necessary to dispel the myths surrounding it.

Review – Never Forget National Humiliation

Robert Weatherley • May 8 2013 • Features

The over-arching quest for nationalist legitimacy by the CCP is at the very heart of Zheng Wang’s must-read for anyone interested in post-Tiananmen Chinese nationalism.

Review – Seapower

George Modelski • May 5 2013 • Features

In exploring how both competition and collaboration are redefining seapower in the 21st century, this insightful analysis contends that the Asia-Pacific’s growing might in this strategic arena is challenging the West’s comparative decline.

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