Interview – Ravi Neelakantan

E-International Relations • Mar 15 2020 • Features
Ambassador Ravi Neelakantan talks about the concept of good governance, digital freedom, India's lack of a 'grand strategy', its economic ties and regional partnerships.

Interview – Issac Kfir

E-International Relations • Aug 20 2019 • Features
Issac Kfir discusses the terrorist attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Australia's counterterrorism policy, Asia-Pacific cooperation, and returning foreign fighters.

The ASEAN Way Out? Toward Cooperative Environmental Governance in Southeast Asia

Brian Dorman and Tyler James Olsen • Aug 10 2019 • Articles
Notwithstanding its long-standing policy of non-interference, ASEAN is well-suited to respond and cooperate regionally on transboundary environmental issues.

Student Feature – Spotlight on ASEAN

Robert Yates • Jul 27 2019 • Student Features
ASEAN is a prominent case of successful regionalism, yet debates persist over its ability to integrate members and improve relations between China and the United States.

Contesting American Power: Beijing’s Challenge in South China Sea Disputes

Salvador Santino Fulo Regilme Jr. • Nov 7 2018 • Articles
Chinese militarization of the South China Sea region reflects Beijing’s new found resolve and confidence in undermining American power.

The Case for an ASEAN Erasmus Programme

Daniele Carminati • Jan 29 2018 • Articles
Further initiatives and programmes ought to be instilled to encourage ASEAN students to pursue their education within ASEAN states.

Online Resources – ASEAN

E-International Relations • Jan 19 2018 • Online resources
A brief introduction to ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with links and media to further explore.

Interview – Simon Long

E-International Relations • Jan 4 2018 • Features
Journalist Simon Long shares his views on state-media relations in the Asian context, geopolitical tensions in East Asia, the role of ASEAN and Rohingya refugee crisis.

Interview – Joseph Chinyong Liow

E-International Relations • Oct 12 2017 • Features
Dr Chinyong Liow discusses the Trump administration's strategy for East and Southeast Asia, growing conservatism in Indonesia, and the 50th anniversary of ASEAN.

Student Feature – Middle Powers in International Relations

Allan Patience • May 8 2017 • Student Features
Middle power theorising can draw on a long and important intellectual history, emphasising the potential for states desiring middle power recognition to become good global citizens in a globalizing world.

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