Interview – Issac Kfir

E-International Relations • Aug 20 2019 • Features
Issac Kfir discusses the terrorist attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka, Australia's counterterrorism policy, Asia-Pacific cooperation, and returning foreign fighters.

The Chimera of Freedom of Religion in Australia: Reactions to the Ruddock Review

Michael Quinlan • Jan 21 2019 • Articles
The latest inquiry into religious freedom in Australia, namely the Ruddock Review, concludes that change in this area is likely to remain a chimera for some time to come.

Australia’s Extraterritorial Asylum Policies and the Making of Transit Sites

Sally Clark • Aug 24 2018 • Articles
Despite the brevity of human rights legislation states are now implementing pre-emptive measures that effectively neutralise their obligations.

Orphanage Trafficking and the Modern Slavery Act in Australia

Kathryn (Kate) E. van Doore and Rebecca Nhep • Jul 13 2018 • Articles
Australia’s decision to include orphanage trafficking as a form of modern slavery will set a global precedent for countries with children in institutional care.

What Can a Japan-US-India-Australia Cooperation Do?

Satoru Nagao • May 27 2018 • Articles
Nowadays, further security cooperation of Japan-US-India-Australia is increasingly plausible in order to to ensure prosperous stability in the whole of Indo-Pacific.

Should Australia Establish a Modern Slavery Act?

Heli Askola • Oct 16 2017 • Articles
The corporate social responsibility of businesses may serve to obscure the fact that the primary responsibility for the protection of human rights belongs to states.

The Meaning of Marriage and Australia’s Postal Poll

Michael Quinlan • Sep 28 2017 • Articles
Changing Australia's understanding of marriage may have significant implications for religious freedom, freedom of political communication and parental rights.

Australia’s Asylum Politics: Localised, Globalised

Linda Briskman • Jul 26 2017 • Articles
If indeed global export might be a reality, human rights activists can adopt similar approaches to nation-states by working in solidarity to generate policy alternatives.

Brexit: The View from Australia

Minh Bui • Jun 20 2017 • Articles
Australia’s recent integration with the Asia-Pacific region means that its dependence on the UK for the movement of goods and services is no longer as significant.

Student Feature – Middle Powers in International Relations

Allan Patience • May 8 2017 • Student Features
Middle power theorising can draw on a long and important intellectual history, emphasising the potential for states desiring middle power recognition to become good global citizens in a globalizing world.

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