The Transformation of Political Life in Belarus

David R. Marples • Aug 2 2020 • Articles

Despite the arrest of hundreds of people, including two of the main opposition candidates, will Europe’s last dictator, Aliaksandr Lukashenka, fall in the upcoming election?

Meeting With the Opposition in Belarus

David R. Marples • Jul 23 2020 • Articles

This chapter describes the author’s travel, stories and experiences meeting with Belarusian political opposition before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Understanding Ukraine and Belarus: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

David R. Marples • Jul 20 2020 • Articles

RFE/RL was an unusual place, especially the canteen where people of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe would gather together with German staff and British and American researchers.

Western Education about Eastern Europe

David R. Marples • Jul 19 2020 • Articles

This chapter describes the author’s travel, stories and experiences as a history professor and PhD student in Alberta, Canada.

Understanding Ukraine and Belarus in 2020

David R. Marples • Jul 15 2020 • Articles

In the former Soviet states, debates about the past are often the defining element of contemporary politics and Stalinism is still full of secrets yet to be discovered.

Belarusian Tales: Chernobyl’s Impact on Belarus and More

David R. Marples • Jul 14 2020 • Articles

Both among the authorities and the opposition, there are good and bad people, there is no dividing line between them. That was also obvious in Communist times.

Returning to Chajsy, Belarus: Back to Stalin

David R. Marples • Jul 12 2020 • Articles

The problems faced today seem even more complex than in the late 1980s when, in retrospect, there was more opportunity for open discussion.

Banned from Belarus

David R. Marples • Jul 6 2020 • Articles

2010 was a watermark year. The signs for a freer election than in the past had been promising. But December marked a turning point, with candidates in prison on election night amidst Russian interference.

Western Fact Finders: Entering the Soviet Union

David R. Marples • Jul 3 2020 • Articles

This chapter describes the author’s travel, stories and experiences on Western fact-finding missions into the Soviet Union and Ukraine during the 1980s.

Understanding Ukraine and Belarus: A Memoir

David R. Marples • Jun 30 2020 • Articles

No writer really knows whether their experiences are unique or common, whether their insights are in any way original. Still, I convinced myself that there were some unusual things about my own.

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