Bernie Sanders

Interview – Nicole Aschoff

E-International Relations • May 9 2018 • Features

Nicole Aschoff discusses the limitations of Oprah Winfrey’s progressive ideas, the prospects for today’s anti-capitalist left in the US, and the rise of Jacobin magazine.

Interview – Noam Chomsky

E-International Relations • Jun 19 2016 • Features

Noam Chomsky discusses his new documentary Requiem for the American Dream, the basis of support for Sanders and Trump, and the potential to overcome inequality.

Sanders vs Clinton on Economic Inequality

Benjamin M. Studebaker • Apr 23 2016 • Articles

If a Clinton presidency fails to deal with inequality and stagnation, the long-term consequence will be the strengthening of the most dangerous elements in US politics.

Hurricane Sanders in the Democratic Camp

Monish Tourangbam • Feb 16 2016 • Articles

The longer the race, the sharper the divide within the Democratic party. This should concern Hillary if she were to face a Republican candidate in November.

The Democratic Establishment Feels the Bern

Uma Purushothaman • Feb 11 2016 • Articles

Even if Clinton wins the nominations, Sanders has exposed enough chinks in her armour to make a Presidential contest tough for her to win.

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