Call for Contributors – Asian Territorial and Maritime Disputes: A Critical Introduction

E-International Relations • Jul 10 2020 • Features
This book will explain the origins of the territorial and maritime disputes in Asia in an accessible way. We are accepting abstracts until 30 September.

Reversal of (Im)mobility Privilege and Borders During COVID-19

Houssem Ben Lazreg and Wael Garnaoui • May 18 2020 • Articles
In many people's minds, closing borders means repelling migrants. But, Covid-19 has ridiculed this assumption as borders are not vanishing but rather metamorphosing.

Decolonizing Borders

Liam Midzain-Gobin • Jan 12 2019 • Articles
Borders are effective at constructing an ‘us’ on the inside, which is bound together through a collective narrative to the exclusion of ‘them’ outside.

Interview – Emma Mc Cluskey

E-International Relations • Oct 4 2018 • Features
Emma Mc Cluskey talks about her forthcoming book Righteousness to Far Right, anthropological approaches to International Political Sociology and radical reflexivity.

Europe’s Barbwire Fences: Reflections on Reporting the Refugee Crisis in Greece

Marianna Karakoulaki • Jun 24 2018 • Articles
The failure of states to protect refugees amounts to their failure to discontinue the violence created by borders. This is where a no borders politics comes as an answer.

Borderwork and Borders in South Asia through Structuration

Md Azmeary Ferdoush • Jun 11 2018 • Articles
Everyday interactions between people and the state makes South Asian borders a critical site of study not only for its diversity but also for the insight it offers.

Brexit and the Fight against Terrorism in the United Kingdom

Olayinka Ajala • May 31 2018 • Articles
The exit of the UK from the EU will strengthen the resolve of the country to combat terrorism not only within its borders but within the European community as a whole.

Humanity on the Move: Migration in the Age of Walls and Borders

Joanna Rozpedowski • May 25 2018 • Articles
The migratory landscape and political responses to movement of people offer ground for reflection on our liberal polities and our responsibility toward strangers.

Anthropocentrism and the Politics of the Living

Rafi Youatt • Oct 18 2017 • Articles
Questions around the interactions and practices of living beings to produce international outcomes open up in IR around the politics of life after anthropocentrism.

Afro-pessimism, Fugitivity, and the Border to Social Death

Paula von Gleich • Jun 27 2017 • Articles
Fugitivity might indeed function as a figure of thought that enables us to better appreciate fugitive practices of survival and resistance in the face of social death.

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