Afro-pessimism, Fugitivity, and the Border to Social Death

Paula von Gleich • Jun 27 2017 • Articles

Fugitivity might indeed function as a figure of thought that enables us to better appreciate fugitive practices of survival and resistance in the face of social death.

Review – Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move

Umut Ozguc • Jun 20 2017 • Features

An engaging book that doesn’t retreat into narrow theoretical discussions, and whose engaging narrative is enriched with fieldwork observations and real-life stories.

Interview – Juliane Hammer

E-International Relations • Jun 20 2017 • Features

Professor Hammer addresses Islamic studies, theology, feminism, gender violence, queer theory and how these areas relate to borders, borderlands and border thinking.

‘What Goes on in the Coffin’: Border Knowledges in North American Literature

Astrid M. Fellner and Susanne Hamscha • Jun 16 2017 • Articles

Indigenous knowledges are a vital pillar of the North American imaginary, yet highlight the processes of exclusion making them invisible to literature.

Brexit: The View from Ukraine

Anna Bilous • Jun 16 2017 • Articles

Brexit has the potential to bring Ukraine and the UK closer than they have ever been before, vis-à-vis the EU.

The Reconstituting of Borders in America

John Mollenkopf • Jun 4 2017 • Articles

New immigrant communities will also show that they generate economic growth and innovation and that they constitute the future of America’s greatness, not a threat to it.

Border Thinking and the Experiential Epistemologies of International Relations

Marc Woons and Sebastian Weier • Jun 2 2017 • Articles

Borders cannot be understood separate from the bodies they affect and form. The geopolitics of knowledge cannot be separated from the experience of borders.

Interview – Walter D. Mignolo

E-International Relations • Jun 1 2017 • Features

Professor Walter D. Mignolo discusses the geo- and body-political dimensions of knowledge as the energy fuelling border thinking and decoloniality.

Edited Collection – Critical Epistemologies of Global Politics

E-International Relations • Jun 1 2017 • Features

This book offers an enriched vision of borders, both analytically and politically, that not only seeks to understand but also to reshape and expand the meanings and consequences of IR.

What Will Americans, Britons, or Hungarians Do in the Name of Nationalism?

Jennifer Hochschild • May 31 2017 • Articles

The task of people who viscerally fear and dislike nationalism is to make a positive argument on behalf of the shared gains of migration, free trade, and cosmopolitanism.

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