Review – The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party

Kendrick Kuo • Apr 22 2014 • Features
Ishikawa's deep archival research casts doubt on the official history of the formation of the Chinese Communist Party, but is often overwhelmingly dense.

Review – Now I Know Who My Comrades Are

Thomas Nelson • Feb 18 2014 • Features
Parker's analysis of internet censorship subversion in Russia, Cuba and China shows the myriad challenges faced by bloggers, but is not rigorous enough for an academic text.

South Korea’s Foreign Policy in 2013: Building Trust in East Asia

Sarah Teo • Feb 6 2014 • Articles
“Trust” has been the buzzword for President Park Geun-hye, and 2013 saw 'trustpolitik' in action in South Korea's relationships with North Korea, China and Japan.

China’s “Near Seas” Threat – Less than Meets the Eye?

David McDonough • Feb 5 2014 • Articles
There’s no denying that China has made some important progress in building its military capabilities. But it may be premature to consider it a rival to the US at the moment.

China Dams the World: The Environmental and Social Impacts of Chinese Dams

Frauke Urban and Johan Nordensvard • Jan 30 2014 • Articles
China’s dam-building in the Greater Mekong is not only a challenge for the host country, but creates wider international concerns about environmental and social practices.

Can Legalism Avoid War in the South China Sea?

Timo Kivimäki • Jan 8 2014 • Articles
The focus of peace effort for the past decade in the region has been on a specific Code of Conduct, a set of norms that recognizes the rule of UNCLOS in the settlement of maritime territorial disputes. The more the disputes become a matter of legal norms, the less benefits could be achieved by means of dangerous military demonstrations.

China’s ADIZ in the East China Sea

Serafettin Yilmaz • Jan 8 2014 • Articles
China’s recently-established ADIZ has been met with a variety of responses from countries both near and far, all of which have strategic implications for the security and stability of the region.

The Japan-China Relationship as a Structural Conflict

Zhiqun Zhu • Dec 31 2013 • Articles
The already strained relationship between Japan and China has recently faced more challenges and they may benefit from US involvement in the process of regional power transition.

Review – Staging the World

Kendrick Kuo • Dec 9 2013 • Features
Karl's perspective is fresh, but is too often stifled by theoretically-laden phrases that will not be familiar to a popular audience and only begin to make sense in context over several pages.

India Pivots to Asia… Again

Manjeet Singh Pardesi • Dec 4 2013 • Articles
India has taken the US, Japan and China seriously in its foreign policy considerations, but its pivot to Asia must be understood through its own self-conception as an Asian great power.

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