Interview – Katrien Jacobs

E-International Relations • Jul 21 2014 • Features
Professor Jacobs discusses her research on pornography, censorship, and visual anthropology in the context of global capitalism, social control, and superpower rivalry.

The Role of Victimisation in the Vietnam-China War of Words

Huong Le Thu • Jul 5 2014 • Articles
Analysis of Vietnamese and Chinese mass media reveals how the narrative of victimization is an important tool for gaining international support in the current dispute.

Ukraine and the Interwoven Interests of America, Russia, and the EU

Roland Benedikter • Jul 5 2014 • Articles
Ukraine is crucial for the future global strategies of the US, Russia, and the EU. Conflicting approaches to the crisis should not mask the interwoven interests.

‘House of Cards’ and the Depiction of America’s China

Ben Coulson • Jul 1 2014 • Articles
House of Cards indicates a new and emerging China discourse and its growing role in the identity politics shaping US foreign policy.

Review – Shanghai Gone: Domicide and Defiance in a Chinese Megacity

Igor Rogelja • Jun 17 2014 • Features
Shao's remarkable work offers a rich interpretive approach to China's complex urban landscape that will interest both China-watchers and urban scholars.

Review – Afrasia: A Tale of Two Continents

Daniel Large • Jun 5 2014 • Features
Adem and Mazrui offer an enlivening and unconventional collection, critically invocating the need for a discourse about discourse on Africa’s relations with Asian powers.

Review – China Airborne: The Test of China’s Future

Erik Lindell • May 28 2014 • Features
Fallows' insightful analysis examines not only the Chinese aviation industry, but Chinese politics at large and the inherent limitations to its development model.

China & the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The Tibetan Case

Michael C. Davis • May 27 2014 • Articles
Until China acknowledges its international obligations and stops using sovereignty as a shield, the deplorable human rights situation in Tibet seems destined to continue.

Tibetan Self-Determination: A Stark Choice for an Abandoned People

Rob Dickinson • May 18 2014 • Articles
Tibetans have been abandoned to their fate. Neither the USA nor Russia wish to set the agenda and engage directly with China over self-rule for the indigenous Tibetans.

Examining the UN World Intellectual Property Organization

Kathy Bowrey • May 9 2014 • Articles
Drawing significance from the World Intellectual Property Organization data is affected by how one thinks about their own future in the global economy.

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