Interview – Harini Amarasuriya

E-International Relations • Jun 25 2020 • Features

Harini Amarasuriya discusses social exclusion, stigma, discrimination and resistance in Sri Lanka and how the women’s movement and radical Christians influenced dissent.

Hunger Strikes, Iran and Universal Human Rights

Alison Assiter • Jul 18 2019 • Articles

The notion of a human right, enshrined in the UN Convention, is nonetheless vital in the context of the rise of the far right and the rise of religious fundamentalism.

Review – Holy Ignorance: When Religion and Culture Part Ways

Iqbal Akhtar • Jul 31 2016 • Features

With philosophically rigourous analysis, Roy goes beyond the well-trod tropes of ‘radical Islam’ and pushes us to think outside of a ‘clash of civilizations’ paradigm.

Whose God? A Human Rights Approach

J. Paul Martin • Dec 23 2015 • Articles

The modern international human rights regime offers an alternative to secularism because it establishes standards for both state neutrality and engagement with religion.

Global Christian Networks for Human Dignity

Allen D. Hertzke • Dec 14 2015 • Articles

Perhaps we stand at a hinge point of Christian history as the faith’s contribution to dignity and freedom becomes more fully manifest and global.

Sociotheology: The Significance of Religious Worldviews

Mona Kanwal Sheikh • Dec 14 2015 • Articles

Being empathetic is not the same as morally approving of violence but understanding that there can be a political and religious rationale behind ‘their’ violence.

Shifting Territorial Orders and Religion

Gertjan Dijkink • Sep 14 2015 • Articles

All ingredients for a religious revival are present in the current era: the experience of imperial threat and a change in the spatial configuration of authority.

Edited Collection – Nations under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the 21st Century

E-International Relations • Aug 26 2015 • Features

Over 30 leading scholars focus on the complex roles that religions play in world affairs and move beyond the simplistic narratives and polemics which swamp the discourse.

How to Win the War on War?

James Pearson • Jun 2 2015 • Articles

Either we agree that we are effectively free of war, and guaranteed to suffer its burden even less, or we hold ourselves to be condemned to it, with naught to be done.

Scourging Paganism Past and Present: The Tragic Irony of Palmyra

Robert A. Saunders • May 28 2015 • Articles

The destruction of pagan historical records, in Europe as in Syria, forces us to confront how societies view, construct and instrumentalise the past.

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