Interview – Ruth Blakeley

E-International Relations • Jan 10 2019 • Features

Ruth Blakeley explains her research exposing the UK’s involvement in the torture of terror suspects, and discusses drones, human rights research and international law.

The Redemption of British-American Special Intelligence Relationship

Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones • Dec 17 2018 • Articles

American intelligence is credible compared with its equivalent in undemocratic societies, but in the interest of objectivity still needs to be challenged.

What New Declassifications Reveal about the 1953 Coup in Iran

Rajeesh Kumar • Sep 7 2017 • Articles

The papers provide more detail on the hypocrisy of the US as a promoter of democratic values yet also a conspirer to remove an elected government.

The Precision of Drones: Problems with the New Data and New Claims

Steven J. Barela and Avery Plaw • Aug 23 2016 • Articles

Though startling assertions are now presented on the imprecision of drones, one must look carefully at the data to understand what conclusions can be drawn.

Review – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

W. Alejandro Sanchez • Aug 28 2015 • Features

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. provides an opportunity for IR scholars to experience a fictionalized account of global security cooperation during the 1960s in this new movie.

Review – Reducing Uncertainty: Intelligence Analysis and National Security

Kate Drew • Jul 11 2015 • Features

A comprehensive yet relatable portrayal of U.S. intelligence which does an excellent job of conveying how little the public knows, and what it often fails to comprehend.

The NSA Revelations and the State of American Intelligence

Erik J. Dahl • Jan 28 2014 • Articles

The end result of the NSA debate is likely to be an even more capable intelligence community that is better supported by the leaders who guide it and the people it protects.

The Effect of Conspiracy Theories on the Central Intelligence Agency

Kathryn Olmsted • Jan 12 2014 • Articles

Conspiracy theories are seldom conducive to good policy-making, and they have harmed the reputation and reduced the power of U.S. government secret agencies, especially the CIA.

Interview – William Blum

E-International Relations • Oct 25 2013 • Features

Author William Blum offers his thoughts on past CIA interventions, the Obama Administration, Osama bin Laden and explains how he became a ‘crazed, fanatical socialist’.

Revolutionary Politics in Grenada – A Retrospective

Peter Clegg • Jul 2 2013 • Articles

Almost 30 years ago the US, supported by several countries in the Caribbean, controversially invaded Grenada ending its imported, and largely unloved, Marxist-Leninist political model.

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