The Appropriation of ‘Curiosity’

Lorenzo Kamel • Oct 12 2021 • Articles

Progress comes by opposing the process by which non-Western peoples are viewed as passive, weak and disinterested, while enabling the retrieval of different ways of knowing and understanding the epistemologies of the South.

Interview – Gurminder K. Bhambra

E-International Relations • Aug 5 2021 • Features

Gurminder K. Bhambra discusses her interdisciplinary approach, colonialism and modern social theory, Britain as an empire, and decolonising education.

Interview – Frances Cruz

E-International Relations • Jun 17 2021 • Features

Frances Cruz talks about decolonial approaches to IR, as well as the limits of Western-centric framings of the Philippines and Southeast Asia more broadly.

A Decolonial Feminist Analysis of Narratives from Nicaragua and El Salvador

Fiore Bran Aragón • Jun 17 2021 • Articles

The infra-political and political resistances articulated by migrant women and caregiver grandmothers contribute to the reconfiguration of their identities.

Opinion — Who Is in Charge of Decolonizing Africa?

Benjamin Maiangwa and Christiane Essombe • Jun 14 2021 • Articles

Africa cannot possibly thrive if it upholds an identity and standards that were precisely created to eliminate African culture and assimilate African peoples into foreign ideals.

Women for Profit – Seeking Asylum in the United States: A Neocolonial Story

Sara Riva • Jun 14 2021 • Articles

Through neoliberal processes, women who seek asylum are subject to exploitation both in their countries of origin and once they reach their destinations.

Opinion – Decolonizing Development Will Take More than Moral Imperative

Laura Bond • May 26 2021 • Articles

Making daily, unglamourous investments to build capacity, shift power, and give credit where credit is due may be the only way the mountain of colonization ever moves.

Interview – Matteo Capasso

E-International Relations • Apr 25 2021 • Features

Matteo Capasso focuses on Libya, its internal governance, economic development, and foreign policy, as well as mistakes made by international institutions.

Decolonising Development: Putting Life at the Centre

Gisela Carrasco-Miró • Apr 14 2021 • Articles

Without being able to think about fragility, we cannot think about revolution, and by thinking about revolution, we are already dismantling the resistance to fragility precisely to resist.

Review – Imagining Afghanistan: The History and Politics of Imperial Knowledge

Maximilian Drephal • Dec 23 2020 • Features

Manchanda’s book, which dissects the imperialism of colonial knowledge cultivation, is an essential read for any knowledge practitioner.

Comparative Regionalism’s Decolonial Turn: A Proposition

Densua Mumford • Oct 3 2020 • Articles

Through increased dialogue across various regions, comparative regionalism might evolve from being a field of colonial constructs to becoming a field of pluralistic dialogue.

Caste, Privilege, and Postcolonialism: Reflections on Decolonising the Curriculum

Shubranshu Mishra • Sep 15 2020 • Articles

The University will be better equipped to handle cases of caste-discrimination in future when we teach caste as a category to understand marginalisation.

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