Radical Democracy and Self-Governance in Kurdistan

Hanifi Baris • Dec 15 2020 • Articles

The Kurdish model promises a secular, democratic, pluralistic, egalitarian and environmentalist model of self-rule for all, providing an opportunity for peace and harmony in Kurdistan.

America’s Democratic Shortcomings and the Liberal International Order

Manuel Reinert • Nov 13 2020 • Articles

With better representation, citizens would choose policymakers more in tune with the progressive values held by the majority, at home and abroad.

Review – Authoritarian Africa: Repression, resistance, and the power of ideas

Cliff (Ubba) Kodero • Aug 30 2020 • Features

The book explores why authoritarian regimes have persisted in Africa and investigates the extent to which European colonialists can be blamed for Africa’s problems.

Opinion – The Survival of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Víctor M. Mijares • Jul 7 2020 • Articles

The Bolivarian Revolution and its authoritarian resilience can be interpreted as manifestations of a larger global process relating to the decline of the liberal order.

Interview – Laurence Payot

E-International Relations • Dec 18 2019 • Features

Artist Laurence Payot talks about her projects gathering stories from refugees and displaced people across the UK, identity, and the ways art can influence politics.

Interview – Ieong Meng U

E-International Relations • Dec 4 2019 • Features

Ieong Meng U considers the challenges for Macau and its foreign relations, the development of Macau and Hong Kong, as well as the changes in the Umbrella Movement.

Interview – Christian Lequesne

E-International Relations • Nov 25 2019 • Features

Christian Lequesne discusses European Union politics, the role and current challenges faced by diplomats, French diplomacy post-Brexit and the method of observation.

Interview – Sarah Wolff

E-International Relations • Nov 17 2019 • Features

Sarah Wolff discusses her research on the role of secularism and religion in EU foreign policy, EU migration policy, and the links between academia and policy-making.

Review – Keepers of the Future: La Coordinadora of El Salvador

Vanessa Braga Matijascic • Oct 30 2019 • Features

Avi Lewis’ documentary demonstrates how a Salvadorian community are overcoming violent conflict, prioritising their relationship with nature and participatory democracy.

Israel: A Democratic State?

Martin Beck • Aug 25 2019 • Articles

When applying a thin concept of democracy in the spirit of Robert Dahl, strong arguments point into the direction that Israel does not constitute a democratic polity.

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