Internet Democracy in ‘New’ India

Pratick Mallick • Feb 15 2019 • Articles

The internet has given privileges as well as challenges to India which is new in the sense of the economic and according socio-political transformations.

Interview – David Runciman

E-International Relations • Feb 13 2019 • Features

David Runciman discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on democracy, the link between conspiracy theories and technology and his views on identity politics.

Looking Back at 2011

Sujay Ghosh • Dec 28 2018 • Articles

2011 is a moment in history which encapsulated the impulse for achieving democracy yet a review of subsequent events show democratisation is an extremely complex process.

Habitus: Why Positive Law Is Better than Originalism or Post-Modernism in Law

Patricia J. Sohn • Dec 15 2018 • Articles

Positive law stands as a tradition that predates post-modernism and post-structuralism; and, yet, it persists as an important corrective to them in their extremes.

Out of Illusion, Weakness: Liberalism and Its Blind Spots

Kevork Oskanian • Dec 11 2018 • Articles

The paradox is that, in order to save liberalism at home, liberal states may have to become more realist in their dealings with the illiberal world beyond.

The 2018 Elections and the Uncertain Future of Brazilian Democracy

Roberto Goulart Menezes • Dec 11 2018 • Articles

The shadow that hovers over Brazilian democracy today will mobilize many people within and beyond Brazil to challenge and contain Bolsonaro’s authoritarian temptations.

Courts: The Quagmire

Patricia J. Sohn • Nov 30 2018 • Articles

The Bar Associations have substantively failed to regulate their own people, contributing to a decrease in public trust in the judicial system at large.

Technology and Tyranny: Social Media and the End of the Liberal World Order

Jean-Marie Chenou • Nov 22 2018 • Articles

Social media are used by authoritarian regimes and tyrants – and as instruments of resistance. In both cases, they participate in the redefinition of the world order.

Interview – Timothy Snyder

E-International Relations • Nov 21 2018 • Features

Timothy Snyder discusses Russia’s interference in US elections, the relationship between internet penetration and democracy, and the impact of the decline of local media.

What Is Nationalism? A Nation? A Nationalist?

Patricia J. Sohn • Nov 16 2018 • Articles

In principle, the nation-state is an institutional means precisely to democratize the international system.

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